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Why You Need a Third-Party WhatsApp Archiver

Switching to WhatsApp has made communications more efficient and secure for businesses. With end-to-end encryption and multiple chat features, WhatsApp has steadily become one of the most popular messaging platforms for various industries.

But because strict regulations continue to monitor business communications, it is important to have a proper WhatsApp archive to prevent unwanted consequences. While the messaging application has a built-in archive, this is not enough to save you from data privacy issues and compliance concerns.

If you are still not convinced, here are the reasons why a third-party WhatsApp archive chat solution is beneficial for your company:

Maintain Compliance

Many governing agencies monitor business compliance when it comes to communications. Some of these include SEC, GDPR, FINRA, and HIPAA. They do not joke around when implementing regulations; consequences abound if they find out a company has committed violations.

Compliance risk is the number one reason companies invest in third-party archiving software for WhatsApp. Though WhatsApp has a built-in archive feature, its inability to record permanently and store messages make it insufficient.

With a powerful archiving solution from LeapXpert, you can be assured you can maintain compliance for your business.

HR Monitoring

There may come a time when one of your employees will use WhatsApp to send unethical messages to their colleagues or customers.

For example, some workers may use the messaging platform to harass other employees or misinform consumers about the company. Without a proper monitoring tool, they may get away with the damage.

A third-party archiving solution can instantly capture and store all chats sent to and from the company. That way, you’ll have evidence in case you’re conducting an investigation. Knowing an archiver is set in place may also help prevent employees from being irresponsible.

Easily Access Data

Messages stored in third-party archives are easily searchable using keywords.

Regulatory bodies expect businesses to respond quickly every time they ask for information. Through the assistance of the searchable functions of a WhatsApp archiver, you can quickly send the data—no need to spend money on IT to respond to data subject access requests.

Better Communications with LeapXpert

Archiving software does wonders to ensure businesses in various industries comply with regulations. To learn more about compliance and WhatsApp archiving, visit

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