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Using Social Networking Strategically to locate Top Talent

Companies can attract top talent better by leveraging social networking using four key strategies. Though a lot of companies want to understand more about social networking, there’s a fundamental wariness as policies are attempting to control the flow of knowledge. This short article provides an introduction to social networking and also the potential application to draw in top talent.

Beneath the iceberg of vacant jobs being marketed on job boards and newspapers, a powerful invisible current of talent is ingeniously using social networking to recognize and strategize their next career moves. Before the popular rise and rise of social networking, for example LinkedIn, Twitter and facebook, the talent sourcing process was restricted to a straight line process – in which a vacancy is completed transactional fashion, baked into a continuous recruitment atmosphere of sourcing in new talent.

The arrival of job boards have led to a substantial shift from print media, but compounded the overload of a large number of job boards, with job aggregator sites promising candidates to recognize vacant roles. Though the price of recruitment continues to be reduced, the procedure continued to be reactive.

Integrating Technologies

The convergence of numerous technologies and also the establishment of the talent pipeline has produced the chance to build up relationships with gifted candidates with an effective just-in-time recruitment model.

LinkedIn may be the preferred social media site from the business perspective, using more than 72 million users around the globe. Around Australia about 25% of employed artists are using LinkedIn. Users can produce a brief profile with recommendations, which makes it simple for recruiters to look for talent.

Facebook is probably the most popular social networking site, using more than 300 million users. Most professionals demarcate their social networking presence, with limited use of Facebook limited to buddies and family, having a dash of economic added for interest, though Facebook offers an amount of granularity to split up buddies and business contacts. Information mill more and more using Facebook to produce a social networking presence. An every week email report provides HR recruiters with statistics to trace a listing of activities by fans.

Twitter has been utilized by a lot of companies to publish job openings, though smart employers will also be utilizing it to talk about interesting news and also to strengthen their employment brand. Using a tool like Tweetdeck, companies can certainly monitor channels and track activity.

Companies may use creative methods to find talent through social networking, by running competitions, surveys, blogs and email updates. The significance of status management can’t be overemphasized and an advanced of authenticity must exist. A lot of companies have a Social Networking policy that determines the flow of knowledge, with Internal Communication frequently reporting to HR, though there’s a powerful reference to Marketing departments.

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