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The world is suffering more from mental illness than from physical health issues

As per global mental health reports published by world health organization 88% of the working professionals and adults suffer from mental illness. Now this statement may seem dicey to some people as to most people the term mental illness only means madness. But as per the new psychological definition of mental illnesses, there has been different types of common mental illness better to say disorders have been noticed. Like for example one of the most common form if mental issue that had been recorded in studies is the problem of stress ( ครียด ,which is the term in Thai).

What can cause stress and what symptoms may it posses?

Stress  however can come from any reason. Like for some the stress is related to monotonous working schedule, to some this stress may come from economic stress and so on and so forth. But the common factor in all these cases is that either people disregard different symptoms of this stress that they are facing or they notice the symptoms but fear to go to psychiatrists because of what the people around him may think of him. Whatever the case may be from the above two in case you are facing any of the symptoms of stress be that fear, restlessness, anxiety, lesser sexual activity, etc, one should always consult with a professional psychiatrist. Only by consulting with them and by having counselling one can get oneself out of this state of stress.

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So if you are having trouble with stress or any kind of mental health issue then you better be consulting with a professional psychiatrist. In Thailand if you want to get in touch with a good psychiatrist first you need to get the contact information from a reliable source. And when it comes to reliable source regarding health issue there is only one online service provider in this field and that is Honestdocs. To know more about their services and medical articles do visit their official website.

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