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Signs That Your Spouse Is Lying To You

Lying is one of the worst attributes of humanity. While the morality of every human should be to never lie to anyone, lying, in any relationship can completely destroy it. The partners start doubting anything, and everything they ever said to each other, and the trust fades away like anything. To hide one lie, a series of lies follow until everything becomes a lie, and there is only one confession that puts away everything that was built by the two partners. If you think you can no longer trust your partner, you should use to find ways to keep an eye on your spouse. Suspecting your partner and over-analyzing his/her every word is as bad as lying, and again, it can destroy the relationship. In both these cases, the power of loyalty and trust seems going away from the two partners, and the relationship often reaches a dead end.

Perfect Recall

Our brains can’t remember everything. We are not robots. Thus, when your partner talks with too much details and backgrounds, it is bound to sound fishy. Human beings have a tendency to practice well enough before lying, and the practice makes them revise every detail by heart, and thus, they can deliver that information. Rehearsing the same story creates muscle memory, and the person, without even realizing it, gives away the subtle hints of lying. 

Avoiding Topics

You wouldn’t enjoy lying unless you are suffering from obsessive and compulsive lying disorder. Often, partners are not able to lie to each other. The love, age-old trust, and loyalty prevent them from doing so. Thus, to not lie but ignore the truth, people tend to avoid conversations about certain things. They try to steer conversations in safer waters so that the situation or the conversation doesn’t become uncomfortable, and they don’t have to lie.

Looking Guilty

Nobody knows your spouse better than you do. You will know when they are bluffing or trying to hide something. So you should be able to identify when they don’t look normal, and it might come to you that they are hiding something. They will avoid eye to eye contact, fidget, or even have a hunched shoulder. 

Erasing Trails

Being private is one thing: being secretive is another matter. If your spouse hides his/her phone from you, keeps passcodes so that you don’t have access to their phones and devices, deletes chats and browsing data, etc. there might be something wrong. You should never get into the private space and peek into their chats or anything else if they don’t like it. But if you have doubts, it is best to clarify it. 

Being paranoid about your partner’s conversation can be both tiresome and toxic. While we should always try to have the most open and free conversations, often, one lie from the partner changes it all. The lies of your spouse should not blindfold you, but neither should you start analyzing every action, word, and feelings they express. Remember that you claim to trust your partner, and when you start doing this, you are lying about your loyalty, trust, and respect as well. Actions will always speak louder than words.


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