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North Lake Home – The Most Unique And Desirable Home In Town

The Lake House is the most unique and most desirable home in Paradise. It has a character all its own, located in the very best location on the lake. The views are simply magical from this bedroom suite with soaring ceilings, exposed brick walls, original wood beams and an exposed stone fireplace. This home is ideal for a couple looking to get away from it all and live as nature intended.

What Makes A Paradise Home?

The Lake House is one of the most exclusive properties on Paradise Lake. The exclusive collection of exceptional homes on the grounds of Paradise Lake, also known as The Lake, has something for everyone. From the original home to elegant guest houses, this is the rare vacation spot that offers a true retreat from it all. 

The property is conveniently located in the heart of Paradise, just a short drive to the main drag. Located in the very center of town, the Lake House is an ideal destination for visits by all kinds of tourists.

The Lake House – The Original Home On Paradise Lake

The original home on Paradise Lake is now a museum, but it once was the most exclusive home in all of Paradise. Once a summer getaway for the wealthiest citizens of the area, today the Lake House is a vacation home only. The original home of Grandpa Moses was once a private homestead, so the layout of the house is quite different from the way it is now. 

The home has been meticulously restored to its historic glory, with all original features preserved. At the heart of the house is the main room, which is beautifully architected with intricate decorative adornment.

A Home Away From Home

The original house is two houses connected by an alley. The main house is a large, 2-story structure that is surrounded by lots of trees and a stone wall. It is the house pictured in the video, and it still stands today. The back of the main house is where the guest houses are, and they are connected by a covered bridge. The guest houses are individually owned and rented out year-round in North Lake Home.

What Makes A Paradise Resort?

A tropical destination with perfect weather, clean water and stunning beaches, unparalleled in its natural beauty and endless uninhibited sea and coral reefs, The Maldives has it all. With its good combination of human-induced global climatechange and therefore the natural atmosphere untouched by man, it’smaybe no surprise that The Maldives has been chosen because the “Surfer’s Paradise” for the second year in a very row. 

Located in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the Arabian Sea, The Maldives is the perfect place to test your surfing skills.

Make The Foremost Of Your Stick With These Insider’s Tips

  1. Explore the Art Nouveau Library One of the most beautiful architectural marvels you will find in the Maldives, the Art Nouveau Library is the perfect blend of European, Indian and Asian architecture. The building is filled with intricate details and beautiful murals, including a marvelously crafted dome.
  2. Explore the Ruins of Baa Kodur Forget the beach, the Maldives is full of stunning archaeological sites. The most famous of which is Baa Kodur, or “Who Took Your Art?”,
  3. Scuba diving in the Maldives Are you a diver? Does oneprefer to explore the underwater world? Experience the Maldives scuba diving with Open Water™ Maldivian Studies Program.

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