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Keyword Analysis Is The Foundation Of Your SEO Campaign

Every structure stands on a foundation. And its integrity relies on the strength of its foundation. 

For search engine optimization or SEO online marketing strategy, keyword analysis is the foundation, a process that determines the profitability of an SEO campaign. 

So what is keyword analysis, and why is it so important? 

Keyword analysis helps you discover the terms or keywords your prospects use while searching for things similar to what you offer on the internet. It is regarded so highly because it yields the specific words that connect the users’ searches to your website’s content, sending a signal of relevance to the search engines and convincing them to rank the website, given that all other ranking factors are met. 

Additionally, keyword analysis also paints a clear picture of how your target audience thinks. 

After relevance, user experience is another critical ranking factor. Search engines now favor websites that offer a pleasant user experience. By revealing your prospects’ exact search terms, keyword analysis enables you to step into your audiences’ minds and think from their perspective. This helps you generate content ideas and optimize your website to cater to the users in the best way possible. 

You may conduct keyword research using a variety of tools. These tools churn out a long list of the different keywords and their variations. The true test of an SEO specialist is when it comes to selecting the right keywords. Because ultimately, the utility of the keyword analysis relies on the selection of keywords. 

Choose low competition and high volume keywords. This is one piece of advice that is often given to people just entering the keyword research field. However, many professionals who provide consulting in internet marketing and SEO services believe this is not the most practicable suggestion.

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company, builds profitable SEO campaigns on sound keyword analysis with their SEO and internet marketing services and has created this infographic discussing the significance of keyword analysis for SEO and highlighting an unpopular but promising keyword selection strategy. Do check it out for untapped insights!

Keyword Analysis is the Foundation of Your SEO Campaign

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