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Is SEO A Fraud? Find Out the Truth About the Industry

I am a person who frequents the Web Market and SEO forums every day. During these visits I come across a lot of debates and discussions about SEO. Most of the debates are based on the performance of the SEO. Many discussions even go up to the level of saying that SEO is a scam.

There are many people who think SEO is a scam. But is SEO truly a scam? Lets find out.

The major issue with SEO is that it is completely confusing. The ranking of the websites, the Google algorithms, the strategies and every other aspects of the SEO are completely confusing. TO add to this, all of the above keeps changing.

But this does not mean that SEO is a scam. As a person who has worked with the search engines for many long years, I can very clearly tell you that SEO is not a scam. Ranking top on the search engines is not a matter of luck. It is true dedication, efforts, strategies and experience that puts a website on the top of the search engines.

SO, my dear readers, please do not mistake SEO as a scam.

The industry of SEO is worth millions today. All this not build on scam. There are thousands of SEO companies in the internet today, which serve the purpose of ranking the websites on the top.

The fact is that these companies have their own strategies and they do not make these strategies public. No two SEO companies will be alike for that matter. Each of them uses unique methods or combinations of the methods that we all know to make out the results.

But regarding the topic we are discussing here, I will also like to warn my readers about the fraud SEO companies that are also prevailing today. There are hundreds of fraud companies in the niche, who tries to steal away the money of its clients without delivering any true results.

Such companies are what make people feel that SEO is a scam all together. There are many people who fall prey to such companies and feel that SEO is only a scam.

All I wish to convey here is that SEO as such is very complex process and has produced very sensible outcomes for many websites. But keep your eyes open for those fraud companies who completely play for money. If you fall into their hands you are surely not going to making any improvement in your SEO and is only going to lose your money.

SEO and the SEO industry is not a scam. If you can find the relevant SEO partner, you will surely make a difference in your search engine ranks.

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