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How To Build A Strategy For Managing Social Networks?

If you don’t want to be a social media Presto anymore, follow the tips below according to and learn how to manage social media

Define The Buyer Persona

Many people confuse the concepts of target audience and buyer persona. The first consists of a group of individuals to which marketing campaigns are directed; it contains psychographic and behavioral data, such as consumer habits and customs.

On the other hand, the persona is the most specific definition of a semi-fictional character that represents the ideal client. Its creation is based on data collected through research, analytical tools, and market knowledge acquired over the years.

Note that, given this brief description, it is already possible to implement a targeted communication. It is possible to create content aimed at the persona, even if it is not directly related to the education theme.

Here are some examples of titles that could appeal to this persona:

  • The TV series every journalist should watch;
  • Want to work abroad? Discover some of the most renowned universities;
  • Graduate studies for journalists: what are the options?
  • Besides, you already know what your main acquisition channel will be, don’t you?

In that case, Instagram will be a valuable tool. And, there is other information that can be added, such as data regarding family, professional history, and consumption preferences. But does not stop there. You also need to describe your goals, problems, and significantly how your business can help you.

Discover The Best Times To Post On Social Media

This is one of the most frequent questions from social network administrators. Of course, it is possible to conclude; however, it varies from business to business. There are cases of corporate pages that get great success when posting during business hours. In others, the dawn is an excellent time to connect directly to the persona.

This is because peak hours also represent greater competition. So even if you hear around that lunchtime and after-hours are great times to post, that’s not a general rule of thumb. Therefore, post documentation and subsequent analysis of results can reveal the times that have the most incredible organic reach, engagement, or any other KPI.

But it is not necessary to despair. Some social media tools automatically check this variable.

Monitor And Interact With The Public

In each of the topics mentioned by, it is essential that you create a routine for monitoring social networks, always being on top of what’s going on and your performance on a day-to-day basis. Posting results can vary widely over a short period, so be aware of metrics and KPIs at all times.

Also, look for ways to interact with the public, avoiding unanswered comments or stories not to leave users out.

Manage Crisis On Social Networks

Several factors can influence a company’s image. Some of them, like online behavior, ideals, missions, values ​​, and duties, are controllable. But the situation can get out of hand in some cases. In other words, it can generate a crisis on social networks.

Problem-solving timing is essential for a good turnaround. Also, remember to assume the error when it occurs. Sometimes it’s better to apologize than to be arrogant.

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