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How important is connectivity in today’s world?

In the modern world, everything is connected. Now many may think this is an exaggeration of a statement. But think of your daily life electronic equipment. Like for example, you woke up to an alarm clock, by the time your reach bed at night you are dependent on machines at every step. And if you observe these different types of electronic equipment you will come to know that they are actually connected via the internet. Now there are different types of network that works around you in order to provide you with better lives. The most common form of network that you can come across is gigabit ethernet. It is a form of a local area network where different types of machines are connected with each other via a mainframe computer.

How does ethernet system help in production in factories?

The major use of ethernet can be observed in large factories and industries. The use of ethernet in the industries has resulted in a new form of industry known as industry 4.0. This incorporation of the network in today’s industry has resulted in less human labor in the factories and more automation. This, in turn, has resulted in an increase in the productivity of a factory. As different types of machines are now connected with each other via a mainframe, it has enabled a greater amount of work to be done with much more precision. Like for example, in case there is some glitch in a machine in an assembly line, the whole production is likely to stop as the machines are connected with each other. Thus having a gigabit ethernet has enabled a whole new level of automation and quality control over factory production.

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