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Guidelines For Using Youtube In A Marketing Strategy

More and more companies are deciding to carry out marketing strategies through YouTube. This is not surprising if we take into account that this popular social network is the second most crucial search engine behind Google and that it is through this platform that most of the content is viralized. Keep in mind that the number of hours people spend watching videos (especially through mobile devices) increases every year.

Campaigns for YouTube are usually based on storytelling and emotional marketing. This, together with the video format in which they are presented, generates greater engagement and reduces abandonment rates. It also makes content easier to remember thanks to its dynamism and its ability to create emotional bonds with the consumer.

However, if we want to successfully use this great platform of influence to carry out our campaigns, there are several guidelines that we must take into account and that we mention below:

When creating our channel, we must keep in mind that we must maintain our brand image so as not to mislead our consumers. Therefore, we must bet on visual coherence (using corporate colors and the logo). It is also essential to ensure that the tone and language are the same as those used in other platforms, although adapted to the audiovisual medium.

We must carry out a good strategy in the RSS to move those contents that we publish through our YouTube channel. In this way, their influence will be much healthier.

An excellent strategy to follow when creating videos is to mix content directly related to the brand with others focused on issues that may be of interest to people.

The collaborations with YouTubers are an option to consider as long as not be forced to integrate and get correctly with the character of our brand. Knowing how to choose the collaborator that best suits our philosophy will be critical to the success of our campaign.

Using YouTube analytics or tools such as Socialblade or VidstatsX is a great help when planning and optimizing our marketing strategies.

Since YouTube is a great search engine, we must consider an SEO company (, which is the term in Thai). For this, it is essential that we include a title with the keyword and branding (in this order), that the videos are correctly labeled, that we take care of the contents and provide them with an appropriate description that includes keywords, that we add them to the Playlist and that our video is saved with a name that matches the keyword.

These are some tips that we can take into account when implementing our marketing strategy through YouTube. Having proper planning and creating quality content will achieve loyalty to users and make them identify with our products. We must be clear that if we give consumers exciting content, we will make them feel part of our brand.

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