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Fixing The Issue of HP Cartridges Locked to Some other Printer – A Brief Guide

Sometimes, you may fall victim to the update of the printer firmware. When this happens, you will get a continuous error message stating that your HP cartridges are locked, or the message regarding the protection of the HP cartridge. The result of such printer firmware will be you have some trouble successfully using the remanufactured or the compatible ink. 

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HP Cartridge Protection 

If you find the error message “ink cartridges locked to another printer” on your computer screen, then you should understand that it could be because of any of these below-mentioned causes.

  • The ink cartridge that you have installed is not a genuine HP ink cartridge 
  • Your printer is set to the cartridge protection setting and it is not accepting the ink cartridge that you have installed. 
  • When an ink cartridge is used in the printer with the same cartridge protection setting as yours, the printer will automatically set the ink cartridge to that particular printer. When someone removes such ink cartridges and sells them to you, your printer will fail to recognize the cartridge, and this result in the error message display. 
  • The empty chip in the HP ink cartridges 
  • You have installed the HP ink cartridge with instant ink service and you do not use it anymore, but the printer has locked that particular ink cartridge to the system. 
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Why it Happens?

The printer models that are available in the market in the recent years are designed with an automatic connection to the Wi-Fi. This makes it possible for them to stay updated on the recent application updates. All the new updates for the printer software will be provided with new features. 

When an HP ink cartridge is installed on the printer, then the latest software update of the printer will make the cartridge automatically locked to that particular printing unit. 

Removing the Cartridge Protection Services 

Either the easy way of removing, bypassing, or even disabling the protection service setting is with the help of the control panel in the printer or with the help of the printer IP address. Here are some of the ways of removing the cartridge protection services from the printer. 

  • Printers that are not connected to the internet 

Open the control panel section in your computer and check for the HP toolbox and protection option. There, you can select the DISABLE option and it is done. 

  • Printers that are connected to the internet 

Check the SETTINGS menu in the PRINTER option to copy the IP address of your printer. Now in the browser, paste this IP address and let the search engine open the concerned page. Now go to the SETTINGS option and choose the DISABLE option. 

Remember to follow this step every time your printer is updated with the latest software release. 

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