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Drive Excitement – Best 3 Plugins for WordPress to Create ‘Coming Soon Page’

Sometime we will need to use temporary pages like ‘Coming soon’ or ‘under maintenance’ pages on our WP sites and blogs. However, such pages can also be used for several other purposes, such as generating sales leads, driving excitement, or for creating the hype, prior to the introduction of a full-fledged website.

It is one of the ways to keep your business customers engaged even when you have to pull down some pages on temporary basis. In this post, we will tell you why you need a, effective coming soon page, and also about top plugins to help you easily and quickly create impressive Coming Soon Page for WordPress.

Lead Generation – One of the major necessities and benefits of these pages is lead generation. A business can use this page to start building the email list, and also to encourage visitors to follow the brand on social media.

Gauge User Interest – Another important need to develop these pages is to gauge the interest of customers in your business. It can be used as a pre-launch marketing webpage.

Generate Buzz – A majority of businesses use coming soon page as a means to get people pumped. These pages can be used as a means to give sneak peeks. It is a way to “leak” product information, or to offer samples of your products that are going to be released in the near future.

It also is a great way to invite beta testers, by giving them special offers and discounts. Combining these webpages with valuable incentives is a great recipe for success. These pages can also go viral, thereby giving a solid boost to your upcoming offering.

Top 3 Coming Soon Plugin Reviews

Coming Soon WP Plugin

With this plugin, you can create maintenance mode, and coming soon webpages for WordPress CMS within minutes.  Some of its features are:

  • More than 210+ page templates that are bundled with the plugin
  • Ready to deploy in seconds
  • More than one million best quality free images with Instagram Inspired filters
  • Professional and easy to customize themes for online and offline businesses. These brands are designed to suit all brands.

We are rating the software with 4.6 on the scale of Zero to 5.0


This plugin enables to create fully customized coming soon webpages by adding a logo, text, desired color, and background image to your page.

  • Quick, and friendly support and assistance
  • Ability to translate into more than a hundred languages in just a single click
  • Integrated MailOptin as a free maintenance plugin that lets you connect the page to MailChimp, and several other autoresponder services. It enables you to send emails automatically to your leads.

We will rate the software as 4.3 on the scale of 5.0

Under Construction Page Plugin

With this plugin, you can develop better under construction webpages in minutes. Some of the impressive features of this software are:

  • Traffic and Affiliate tracking
  • Can be easily used by a beginner (with the help of its drag, and drop feature)
  • Let you create Pixel perfect coming soon page, sales, and landing page with no effort and maximum outcome.
  • Fully customized pages with drag, and drop builder

We will rate the software as 4.8 on a scale of 5.0.


Whether you are going to launch a new website, or use it in the form of a landing page to collect leads, or planning for a website makeover, coming soon page is an essential requirement. Don’t forget to use WordPress redirects on the pages before making the changes. That way you will not lose SEO ranking of existing pages.

The above plugins will help you create the most influential coming soon pages, and achieve your business objective in the best way.

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