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DaaS cloud desktop: what is it for and who can use it?

Ensuring data security against cyber-attacks and motivating the entire team in the home office mode for better performance are two of the daily challenges faced by IT. However, it is possible to have more ease in these activities with Desktop as a Service or DaaS. It is a modern desktop virtualization solution offered by cloud computing.

The first advantage of moving your company IT system to the cloud is that you no longer deal with infrastructure instability. A great IT support is no longer your concern, as the ‘Desktop as a Service’ service provider will take care of it. You and your team can act with greater focus on the organization’s strategic projects. If the option is Maja Cloud, you will surely get the best Software for security and service development.

How it works in practice?

Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing solution in which a provider delivers applications and virtual desktops to any device/location. DaaS also offers a prepaid subscription model that makes provisioning easier. Desktop as a Service is easy to manage and has features to simplify many IT tasks. The cloud desktop vendor is responsible for maintenance, backup, updates, data storage, security and desktop applications. 

DaaS provide applications and desktop through a public or private cloud service. You have 24/7 access to your company’s virtual desktop through a web browser or application downloaded to your device. While the provider does all the d-a-a-s management, you manage the applications and desktop images from any device.

Difference between DaaS and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a form of desktop virtualization that allows operating systems run on endpoint devices from a centralized server. DaaS is a virtual workplace desktop Infrastructure model, but hosted in the cloud. While in VDI your team is responsible for deploying virtual desktops, acquiring, managing and updating the infrastructure, in d-a-a-s, this concern belongs to the provider. 

Why you should trust your DaaS to Maja Cloud

Maja Cloud Desktop as a Service ended 2020 with a good performance. It is no coincidence that large companies trust Maja Cloud with their data, be it telecommunications companies, media and entertainment organizations, internet and software industry, etc. By hosting your Applikation on the Maja Cloud, your company will benefit from all the features of this multinational, including a Security Resource Center. 

  • Lower latency, activity from anywhere,
  • Internationally recognized security and compliance,
  • Elimination of data center costs, increased productivity,
  • Use of any device connected to the internet,
  • Global Business Continuity, pay only for what you use, and cost reduction.

Why companies have chosen DaaS

With the increase in telecommunication, companies are significantly looking for intuitive and secure solutions that provide the applications and desktops necessary for their employees to carry out their activities. Traditional computing environments are time-consuming for IT. Therefore, organizations those want to have easier VDI management have migrated to cloud desktop. See the main benefits of desktop as a service –

  • Scalability – You can scale applications and desktops when you need them, as well as scale when you no longer need them: important for operating in seasonal markets.
  • Flexibility – Employees can access their applications and desktops securely via Windows Virtual Desktop from anywhere.
  • Business always up and running – Even in disaster situations, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can continue your business activities with people allocated in different locations and with guaranteed access to your resources.
  • Security – Access points are secure and IT management of desktops and applications is simplified. Cloud protects all data stored in the server against information loss or theft.
  • Reduced cost – Your business will only pay for what you use on monthly/yearly subscription models.

Nevertheless, in order to provide the best experience for your employees and ensure the perception of all the benefits of DaaS, it is necessary to hire a provider with experience in offering cloud solutions.

Are you eligible to use DaaS?

Desktop as a Service is for companies with different needs. Companies that already have VDI on promises and need to place their teams in a home office can take advantages of this model. Desktop cloud platform customers who want to explore the cloud further or who are looking to move to the Cloud Computing are eligible. 

Companies need to upgrade their systems, modernize infrastructure to mitigate risk, improve security, scale quickly, reduce costs and IT staff overhead, could integrate cloud desktop service. Supported by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, a DaaS service provider offers several other technologies, such as data warehouse modernization, marketing analysis, collaboration, etc.

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