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Choose your bitcoin hosting services after knowing the details

For most of the company, privacy is a major priority. They readily pay extra money to the web hosting companies that provide a well-secured environment and safe transactions. To solve these safety issues one can use bitcoin as a payment mode to pay all low-cost transactions. Bitcoin is a currency that keeps all the details of the customer hidden.

Habit makes a difference:

How about getting high security and speed at an affordable cost. This deal is quite an attractive one. But you will have to browse through several plans that the various bitcoin hosting companies have to offer. Making you comfortable with the web speed they are providing you with is again an important issue. If your employees need high-speed internet then you should try THC servers.

The reasons being:

  1. They provide full SSD Hosting meaning you don’t share the internet speed with anyone and can work independently.
  2. Unmetered space and bandwidth as a feature they provide.
  3. DDoS as a protection anti-virus software to keep all the files and data safe from the hands of hackers and viruses. Viruses can creep in from any file and they make sure each file is scanned with the help of DDoS protection.
  4. To load and reload all the changes made in the earlier day they have a daily backup mechanism helping you to keep data updated.
  5. Know and buy the bitcoin hosting service as per your budget. They have various plans from low pricing too high pricing. To name a few plans they offer are:
    • Geek- $1.95
    • Nerd- $3.95
    • Freek-$ 5.95
    • Ultimate- $20.95

All of the costs vary as per the detailed attributes they provide you with. One needs to understand that each organization, firm or company has different needs. Some need 2 GB od SSD webspace while others 120 GB SSD webspace.

24*7 support system:

Every function that you perform using the bitcoin hosting services should be under control and support. Each minute of the working hours is important. To be able to fix all the issues in mere minutes so that you don’t miss any urgent client meeting or orders, they have got a 24*7 support system available.

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