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Call Monitoring Program – Essential Elements for Effective Compliance

Utilizing data analytics to adhere to DOJ guidance on corporate compliance  programs - Baker Tilly

Call monitoring is a recording technique that generates an audio recording of consumer phone calls with support workers. In general, customer service organizations record calls for training purposes and to gather customer feedback. WeChat call recording may also enable other personnel, such as supervisors, to listen in real-time to a support call without notifying customers or agents.

In two ways, call monitoring software functions. It allows supervisors to monitor agent discussions in real time and automatically records support talks for on-demand listening. Most corporate phone software will provide call monitoring capabilities as a standard feature.

Listening to, recording, and taking over calls are the three most essential aspects of a call monitoring system. Call recording captures agent-answered calls and agent-transferred calls to external numbers, which may be disabled and voicemails. In addition, takeover/barge refers to a manager’s capacity to join or take over calls when management needs to escalate.

Call monitoring entails extracting additional data from support calls. Therefore, your monitoring system must offer export and analysis options for call data. This allows you to combine statistics depending on call duration, successful resolutions, and more. Some systems additionally give supervisors scorecards for evaluating agent performance in real-time or after listening to a live call.

Service agents, supervisors, managers, and other personnel in a call center may use contact monitoring software. Supervisors and managers use the program in real-time and on-demand to offer agents feedback on how they handled certain scenarios. Service agents may also employ call monitoring software recording to listen to and learn from their prior conversations.

You can also use other tools to ensure that your employees work correspondingly and per your company goals and objectives. WeChat archiving enables iOS and Android devices to record and archive WeChat communications. You may utilize the native WeCom WeChat Work app with all of its capabilities to communicate with other users in a secure manner.Read the infographic below from TeleMessage to know more about the call monitoring program, specifically the essential elements for effective compliance.


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