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Attract, Activate, and Retain – Focus On The Three Stages In Inbound Marketing

This is exactly what a Hong Kong small business should do when the strategy is to focus on getting sales through digital marketing. Create a growth hacking funnel in which you can integrate all your most important traffic channels with your company website. Your typical and effective growth hacking funnel should involve all three stages of attracting, activating and retaining. During the first stage, attracting, it is about acquiring as many visitors and/or potential leads as possible to your company website.

The truth is that most of the audience who have visited your company site in stage one would have gone or dropped. But at this stage if you have brought in more than enough target audience, you would have left with sufficient potential leads when you get to the very bottom of the growth hacking funnel. The next stage, activating, is about selling your product to your potential leads. In order to sell your products (or close the deal), you will have to convince your leads that you have the right product to offer them the right solution.

In the last stage, retaining, it is about how you are able to convert your one-time purchased customer into a loyal customer who will keep buying from your business/brand repeatedly. Think of this: It is going to cost you much less to sell again to an existing customer than selling to a new lead. The reason behind this is simple. Your existing customers mostly would have already trusted your brand and/or business.

Inbound marketing within digital marketing is all about getting your target audience to come to you, as opposed to you going after them. Within inbound marketing, there are different social media platforms. Many people prefer using social media solely as communication tool to get hold of their contacts. But without having to pay for advertising cost, you should always leverage by posting on social media for topics about your industry. This is one way to create the buzz for inbound marketing. In a way, through regularly posting on social media, you are gradually building up the industry expertise status of your company brand.

It is not only Facebook and Instagram. In the social media platforms, make sure you post using images and videos instead than pure text-based content. Visual content is only going to give you more engagement than text. If you have the budget, you may find an influencer who fits into the profile of your company brand. If you are buying Facebook ads, be sure you are targeting the audience who are interested in and/or related to your industry. You may create a lookalike audience with your Facebook/Instagram ads, and build an emailing list.

Other methods that have worked for other Hong Kong based marketers include writing case studies. Case studies may be one or a few clients who you have successfully helped, or it may even be your own startup company case. You may put the case study content as an article on your company blog. But what makes it interesting is for you to broadcast and talk about the case. To broadcast, you may host a webinar and invite people to join.



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