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Adapting To Changing Technology

There are now many different pieces of technology which weren’t around a few years ago. A great example of new technology is the introduction of tablet computers into the computer and laptop market. Before tablet computers a company didn’t need to worry about having its website available on a mobile device, as web browsing on smart phones was still a low percentage of the search market. Now however, websites need to be mobile device friendly to display properly on a tablet computer, meaning companies need to adapt their website or risk losing out on sales from those browsing their website on a tablet computer.

A lot of businesses don’t think they need to adapt to this technology however, it has been proven that consumers and businesses alike use tablet computers to browse the internet and order products and stock. Wholesalers need to be particularly aware of how retailers browse for stock, as they will lose business quickly if they don’t alter their website to allow new technology to access it.

More technology is being developed which many people aren’t aware of. A great example of this is augmented reality glasses. These glasses have a special sensor on one of the eyes which allows people to control what they’re viewing on their glasses. There is no limit to what people can do with these glasses, from browsing the web to making calls and watching videos. Companies can take advantage of this new technology by developing a way to include advertisements for their business in real life which will pop up for those wearing these new glasses. The advantage of using augmented reality for advertising is that companies can use the data of a person, specific to their devices, to play a personalised advertisement based on what they like.

Social networks are becoming more important for businesses with each year, and soon people and companies will be making their business decisions based entirely from research sourced from social networks. People like to interact with the companies they use, and seeing those companies actively being social on different networks is something they really respond to, as it makes them look a lot more approachable.

More advanced technology will be developed, and businesses should always be looking for a way to break into that new technology to benefit them. Newer and better games consoles for example, open up a unique opportunity for businesses to advertise during forced game breaks that new consoles will implement. These adverts can be interactive and allow gamers not only to have a much needed break from their games, but also give them a chance to think about eating or drinking, if a company supplies such a product.

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