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8 Reasons Why Small Business Should NOT Hire Outside IT Services

Your IT department has no room for mistakes. One wrong step and your business may have to facesevere repercussions. 

Moreover, with the rise in cyberattacks and security breaches, you cannot afford to take your eyes off of monitoring your network and tech infrastructure. Additionally, the threat of data theft constantly looms over your head, and even one missed backup can lead to costly data loss. 

With a business to run and no IT expertise, can you avoid mistakes, focus all your time on network and IT infrastructure surveillance, and perform regular backups? Probably not. This is why many small NJ-based businesses hire a service provider that offers IT consulting in NJ.

Through their computer help desk in NJ, these IT companies offer expert advice and assistance to help you avoid mistakes while making criticalIT decisions. 

With a team of cybersecurity experts, these service providers proactively monitor your IT infrastructure and deploy resources to prevent cyber-attacks and data thefts. Additionally, they stay up-to-date with the latest IT regulations and ensure that your IT practices are compliant. 

Deploying their staff on-premises, IT service providers enable you to rest assured knowing you have trained personnel to back up your data regularly. They also ensure that you are equipped with business continuity and disaster recovery plans to minimize the devastating consequences of unforeseen technical events.

Self-managing IT can lead to costly breakdowns and disruptions. And hiring an in-house team that matches the outsourced IT teams’ skillset and expertise is more expensive than outsourcing. 

Therefore hiring outside IT services can prove to be the least costly method of avoiding IT mistakes and preventing technological disasters.

Landau Consulting, a company that provides small business computer support in NJ, manages your IT, helping you avoid costly mistakes and deadly disasters, and has created this tongue-in-cheek infographic listing all the reasons small businesses should hire outside IT support.  Check it out if you’re still unsure about outsourcing your IT!

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