Internet Safety For Kids – 5 Tips to Protecting Your Kids Online

The Internet can be a very useful tool for children. Unfortunately, this can also be a very dangerous interface if parents do not take the proper precautions to protect their kids.

Many Internet predators search for ways to entice kids. There are also websites that display imagery that may be harmful to impressionable children. It is best to practice preventive measures when it comes to online safety for children. Here are 5 great helpful tips for parents that desire to protect their kids online.

1. Internet Filtering Software

One of the most useful tools for any type of online protection is an Internet filter. There are both free and premium software applications that can be set up to block certain websites according to categories. This is useful because it restricts kids from even entering the websites that are classified as dangerous.

2. Parental Monitoring Software

The concept of Internet filtering is good, but it may not be logical without parenting monitoring software in place. There are lots of social media sites that may not be considered dangerous, but the hidden dangers may lie within who your children are communicating with. That is why the parenting monitoring software is useful.

3. Search Engine Settings

An Internet filtering application can be a good program to aid in protecting kids while they are online, but this is just the surface of online protection. Sometimes children can enter certain keywords and search for images to bypass the Internet filter.

This is why parents must also modify their search engine settings as well. With certain search engines like Bing parents have the ability to modify the settings. They can select a moderate or completely unfiltered search when they set up the search engine. When they do this it will cut down on the amount on the manipulation of search engines for finding unsafe content.

4. Firewalls and Spyware Protection

The average person that has firewall and Internet protection does not even have it turned on most of the time. As a parent it is very important to make sure that these programs are not only installed but active. It is also advised for parents to have administrative accounts.

Children should have profiles on the computer as standard users. This will allow parents to have full control over the spyware and virus protection software. In other words, children will not be able to turn these programs off. It is important to have this software running because kids can click on things that will install spyware and create illicit pop-up ads.

The Best Options For Your Rural Internet Connection

Rural areas face problems most times when it comes to internet connection. However, even with the limited options available to you, you still stand the chance to enjoy rural high speed internet. There are technologies that make internet access possible, even in the remote areas, hence you can enjoy everything including entertainment on the internet.

DSL internet – This is an internet connection that is made accessible with the help of a DSL modem. Most rural phone companies offer this kind of connection and you can enjoy speeds up to 2mbs per second. The speed will, however depend on the plans your company has to offer and the one that you choose. It can be one of the most affordable choices that you choose for your connection and it is flexible.

Satellite internet – Some companies do use this option to make the connection available to you. You will have a receiving dish attached at a specific position in the home with the aim of connecting to a satellite within the geosynchronous orbit for the connection. Even though the satellite dishes come in handy even in remote areas, bad weather conditions can interfere with their reliability. Rural internet providers offering this kind of option will usually place it at a higher price compared to the DSL connection. This is especially considering that it offers much higher speed.

Dial-up internet – It remains to be one of the oldest connection methods with many phone companies offering the connection. The access is usually through a traditional dial-tone modem and the connection is inexpensive, hence the reason why it is widespread. However, this kind of connection can be very slow with 56kb per second. It is also an option that has to be tied to a phone line during use and this can restrict communication options. If you are looking for high speed internet, then this should be your last resort, but can be a great option if you don’t use the internet on a regular basis.

Mobile broadband – Cellphones now offer internet access similar to data access. With the option, you will need a USB broadband adapter or WIFI adapter. The speeds are extremely high and impressive, although they can also depend on the coverage area of the network. With 4G networks now available, you can enjoy high speed rural broadband internet using this option. It can cover even the remotest of areas and still maintain the high speeds to give you a pleasant experience every time.

Is Your’ Internet Connection or Wireless Network Letting You Down?

My business relies on the Internet; my phone is an IP phone, it uses the Internet. If the Internet goes down so does most of my business until it comes back up in maybe hours or days. It doesn’t stop there though because even my TV uses the Internet these days and then there’s all those cloud services which means some of my data may not be on any of my computers. I’m running a cable Internet connection and it’s pretty fast especially when it comes to downloads. The faster the broadband the more we can do with it and the more we rely on it. And… it doesn’t even stop there either! Laptops, mobile phones, tablets, TV’s, set top boxes, NAS drives, stereo systems, cameras etc. use wireless so wireless is really important too.

If you are running an Internet dependent business or would really miss your Internet connection at home you won’t want it to go down ever! Well, maybe when you are on holiday… uh oh, got a remote security camera linked to your phone through the Internet or some other device, maybe a remote Internet linked pet feeder or something.

I think most of us want reliable all the 9’s uptime for our Internet but of course that’s not always easy to achieve. Making it 100% reliable I cannot promise in fact even all the 9’s is not that easy but I can probably show you how to make your Internet faster, have a higher capacity, make it more reliable and improve your wireless whilst keeping costs reasonable!

A Common Problem

Most homes and small businesses have 1 Internet connection, 1 line and 1 router that functions as a router a switch and a wireless access point… true? If any of those elements go down then so might your Internet access. You could go ask the neighbour if you could sling a wire through to your business from their supply or ask for their wireless password and maybe sometimes this is OK, it’s a temporary solution of a sort. If you want to be self-reliant though you’ll probably need a better solution.

Senior Friendly Computing Series: 5 Barriers to Senior Internet Use

For many Seniors and their loved ones, Quality of Life is the “bottom-line” objective. We propose that the internet is intimately involved in accomplishing and maintaining that goal. Seniors use computer and internet technologies at relatively low rates. Unique personal barriers make adopting technologies challenging.

This is the third article in the “Senior Friendly Computing” series. Its focus is on the 5 Barriers to Senior Internet Use: Physical, Mental, Psychological, Technical and Social.

1) Physical influences

Age related wear and tear or the influence of disease processes result in general slowing of nearly all physical functions. US Census reports detail 59% of the 65+ group and 35% of the 80+ group are internet users while greater than 50% of the 65+ population have disabilities, handicaps or chronic illnesses limiting participation in the Information Age. Sensory functions are frequently compromised. Those relevant sensory functions include: vision (ie. Macular Degeneration), hearing (progressive deafness), and touch. Motor deficits involve posture requirements and physical access to the computer (Arthritis, Osteoporosis, degenerative processes, and spinal deformities).

2) Mental influences

Cognitive functions include memory, language, thinking, socialization, and emotions. There are several designations for varying levels of the “Senior moment”. Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Age Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD) are examples. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “Dementia is not a specific disease. It’s an overall term that describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. Alzheimer’s accounts for 60 to 80 percent of cases. Vascular Dementia, which occurs after a stroke, is the second most common cause.” Other common causes include Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, HIV, MS, etc. Chronic illnesses may present with reversible cognitive compromise like Diabetes, Thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies. Wide variation in cognitive function may compromise memory, information processing, understanding and following instructions, also task completion.

3) Psychological influences

Here are several psychological reasons: a) Lack of understanding or knowledge about the uses and the value of the internet b) The perception of insurmountable difficulty and interface complexity c) Illiteracy and a steep learning curve d) Fear and apprehension about failure, change, abuse, reputation damage, security violations, and loss of autonomy e) Common Senior concerns are: I’m too old to learn, I’m unfamiliar with the hardware and software, I’ve no contact with other users, and only kids use the internet so I avoid social media f) Some Seniors have general discomfort with all digital technologies (computers, GPS, phones, readers, blue-tooth, etc.) g) Unclear motive/benefit: no reason for use, no social motive, no relevance, lack of measurable returns, delayed or prolonged period to benefit h) General resistance to: all new technologies, intrusive/invasive monitoring, required learning and adaptation i) Eccentricities.

A quick word on hiring SEO and reputation management company

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SEO services

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Using reputation management effectively

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