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Innovative, Useful, and Fun – The Top Smartphone Gadgets

The smartphones that are around today might seem like the type of products that don’t require external add-ons. Is there not every fantastic function you can imagine built in to the things as downloadable apps? Well, as it happens, smartphones are massively adaptable both to innovative new software and hardware alike. And the unique connectivity offered by modern smartphones means that a range of external gadgets have been created which can connect to and work with the smartphone’s system. 

Better Batteries, Better Gadgets 

And much of these unique new gadgets have been made possible by the advances in battery technology we have seen accelerate in recent years. Along with new and powerful lithium-ion batteries which power things like electric vehicles and the high-tech replacements for traditional batteries, such as the USB C rechargeable smart batteries brought to the market by tech company Pale Blue Earth, we have seen a steady improvement in smartphone battery life and charging options. Some of the most innovative smartphone gadgets are related to the charging process (for example solar-powered phone cases) whereas others have only been made possible by improvements in smartphones batteries. 

The Top New Smartphone Gadgets 

So, what are the best new smartphone gadgets that, more than anything else, really show off the versatility of these devices (which would probably be more accurately described as pocket computers)? 

Smartphone Digital Thermometer

The whole telehealth industry has long since recognized the potential of smartphone technology and it is now possible to monitor several things which before would have required a trip to the doctor. At the less specialized end of the spectrum is the simple smartphone thermometer, which makes use of a camera to measure the temperature of almost anything it is pointed at. In the age of Covid-19, this gadget is particularly useful. 

Solar-Powered Charging Case 

For those going camping or otherwise off-grid, this gadget has a real practical utility. A solar-powered smartphone case not only keep the phone charged by means of a solar panel on the back, but it also does the traditional job of keeping the phone safe. This is a great gadget for those that run out of power outlets more frequently than they run out of sun. 

Smartphone Game Controller

Advances in smartphone technology has made it possible to play pretty advanced video games right on a smartphone itself. And with a smartphone game controller, which fits around the smartphone and offers joysticks and other familiar video game controls, it is possible to get closer to the full gaming experience – on the go – than ever before. 

Digital Highlighter

A digital highlighter can connect wirelessly to your smartphone device, allow you to highlight a physical item of text, and have that excerpt stored digitally on your phone. Useful in countless situations, this is quite simply the most effective way to excerpt items of text and store them in an organized way. It certainly beats a stack of highlighted papers to sift through. 

Smartphone Projector 

However great the graphics of videos or games on a smartphone gets (and they are by now very advanced) there will always be the problem of the small screen to contend with. Well, this is actually not true. With a smartphone projector, you can slot your phone into a portable device and project whatever is on the screen to the dimensions of a TV or even a home cinema. 

The market for smartphone gadgets is enormous and that, in the end, is as much down to the sheer variety of things you can do with a smartphone these days as it is the general popularity of these devices.

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