How to Upgrade Norton Security to Norton Security Premium?

If you already have Norton Security installed, and its version is lower than the most current one such as from Norton Security to Norton Security Premium, you’re entitled into a free Upgrade Norton Security for as long as you have a valid subscription. For example, if you’re running Norton Security version 1.x, with your current paid subscription, you can visit Norton Update Center, and choose between an automated or manual update.

Automated update process will detect your software and its version, and make an upgrade selection accordingly. If you select a manual process, you will simply select your software and its current version which will trigger a selection of the latest version.

Upgrade Norton Security

Both automated and manual processes will end up by having you download Norton Download Manager which will automatically download and install your product. If the download process gets interrupted for any reason, Norton Download Manager will continue where it got stopped, after you start it again. If it does not continue, you are advised to contact Norton Support to upgrade Norton security.

Norton security product can be updated with the latest version if one already has an active subscription of the Norton product. Your current product can be remotely update to the latest version from your Norton account without any or no cost as long as you have an active subscription of the product. The update can be done through Norton Update Center, just download and install the latest version of your Norton product for windows.

Steps to update Norton Security from your Norton account

  1. Sign In to Norton – Should in case you have forgotten your Norton account password and want to reset it, read I forgot my Norton account password and follow the instructions.
  2. Then, on the Devices page, check under the device name, then click Update next to the Norton product which you want to upgrade then you are good to go.

If you already have the latest version of the product installed on your device, the update option will not be visible.

Steps to update Norton Security from your Norton Update Center

Following are the below steps:

  1. Go to Norton Update Center.
  2. Click Update Me Now.

If the download does not start automatically, download the program manually.

  1. On the File Download – Security Warning window, click Run.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

However, if you have a product key for Norton Security Premium, you can use that to activate any of the current Norton products. If you do not want to use the backup features of the new Premium version, then there is no reason to reinstall on the existing devices.

If you do want the new features, then you can just start the install process on the older machines and it will take care of uninstalling the old and reinstalling the new, while maintaining your settings and ID Safe vault.

Furthermore, if that Deluxe installed devices have time to run on the existing Deluxe key then to the best to do leave them and use the new Premium key to install, one installation of either Deluxe or Premium with the Premium key will activate it. But if the existing Deluxe KEY is due to expire then you can use the Premium key to extend their life to the 366 days of the Premium key.The Premium Key in act can be used to renew any of the existing Norton products — NIS NAV and N360 as well as the varieties of Norton Security. Moreover, Deluxe and Premium are the same program and differ when activated with the different key.

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