How to Update Kindle Fire Device

kindle-readerKindle is an amazing product of the Amazon. It is the best product for the tablet lover as well as e-book readers. Kindle devices have bunches of features for the users. Amazon has also separate Kindle Support for the Kindle users. They provide an Android-based operating system on Kindle Fire devices. For the every software or the operating system, the developer of that software provides update time by time. So Amazon also provides the updates of the Kindle device’s software and the operating system. Do you know how to update kindle device? No, then follow these steps.


  • You need a computer system to update your Kindle device because manually you need to download the latest software version, and then further you may transfer to your device.
  • Internet Connection.

Then you need to move further steps to update kindle devices.

Update Kindle Device
So, now you have to follow the below steps to update your Kindle device. Follow these steps carefully so that without any issue you could update your device or contact Kindle Help. You may go through these steps without any hesitation because these steps are tested and working. So now come to the steps for updating kindle device.

  1. First, check that which version of Kindle you are using, then according to your version and generation of the Kindle download the software to update your kindle.
  2. Now switch on your Kindle and connect your Kindle to your computer system.
  3. Now send the downloaded software update to the Kindle drive, either drag or drop or use any method to send to kindle drive. Do not send the file into a folder.
  4. Now wait for few times till then your file is transferred to Kindle.
  5. Now eject the kindle from the computer system successfully.
  6. Now you have to start Kindle Software update, for updating your system follow the steps

Update Kindle

  • On the Home screen>>Menu>>Setting
  • Select Menu icon again, and then Update Your Kindle
  • Now click ok to proceed further.
  • After some time, your Kindle will be updated with the latest software. So you have successfully updated your Kindle Device.

Wrapped Up
So here in this post, we have guided you to update Kindle device from Amazon Kindle Support. We have covered each and everything to update kindle device. Hope you have completely learnt to update your Kindle Fire if not call Support.