How To Turn Off McAfee Quick Notification Tour Pop Up Message

mcafee-box-2011McAfee, as we all know is a very reputed security service provider which has an edge over all other software that claim of keeping laptops and computer safe and secure against threats. Since decades, it has been providing McAfee Support services and is doing commendably well in the market. Though, there is no doubt in their performance of these software, there are these McAfee Quick Notification Pop Ups which can annoy a user when he is engaged in something important.

McAfee Antivirus is a top notch McAfee Customer Support provider to computers and PCs but it is also not an exception to those annoying notifications that come appearing and reappearing on the screen frequently thus causing disturbance. There are McAfee Quick Notification pop ups that continuously says that the user is protected and if he would like to take a quick tour of the software. Now, this is really annoying and irritating for someone who has remained a user for quite a sometimes now. The sales people actually insist on these splash pop ups which are a shrewd turnoff for any user.

The most common solution to this problem that people suggest is to once take a tour of the software or call McAfee Support Phone Number after which the notifications stops from appearing. You just have to go ahead and accept taking the tour. But there have been cases where McAfee Quick Notification popups still appear and interrupt the user. After some people take the tour, there appear a blank screen which would just not go or cannot be closed and you might need to contact McAfee again and again.

McAfee Quick Notification

One of the most fruitful method that the McAfee Tech Support suggest to turn off this McAfee Quick Notification tour is to disable the Active Shield pop ups. Now this can be achieved by turning off all the alerts that are there in the McAfee Security center. However, you cannot disable these notification alerts through your subscription through the security center. You have to manually disable them in the security center. Also McAfee uses the Windows Notification service for all its pop ups and these notifications can be hidden from the McAfee by changing the Windows notifications settings pertaining the same. To know more you about this you need to call McAfee for detailed information about Windows notification service.

You can follow the following step by step process for changing the Windows notification setting. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the McAfee Security Center and then go to Home which is available under the Common Tasks. Now select Home.
  2. Under the Security Center Information, choose the Configure option. Now click on the Advanced under the Alerts option.
  3. Select the Informational Alerts. Now click on Do Not Show Informational Alerts. Now click on OK to save your changes.

There are another set of steps which need to be followed while changing Windows notification. They are as follows:

  1. First of all, click on the Notifications Triangle in your taskbar and select Customize.
  2. Now locate the entry for McAfee in the Icons column and go to the Behaviors Box and select “Hide Icon and  Notifications”
  3. Now click OK to save your changes.

I believe the information provided in this articled will be helpful for most of McAfee user if not all. However you can always call McAfee for official support and customer service.

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