Top 5 eBook Reader in 2016

An eBook reader has completely changed the perception of reading. There are very less number of people in recent times that are into reading paper books. There are many advantages of eBook readers or e-readers. EBook readers are designed to run for a longer time. In other words they have a longer battery life that do not disrupt your process of reading.

They are fairly low cost gadgets but they tend to run a long time with a greater shelf life. Now that we have been acquainted with the various benefits of eBook readers, let us get into a detailed review of the top five eBook readers of recent times. The reviews are as follows:

eBook ReaderAmazon Kindle PaperWhite
Reading fanatics looking for best reading experience and best eBook readers often turn up to Amazon Kindle editions. The eBook reader provides an improved 300 ppi display, a new bookerly front and a new typesetting engine. This engine is designed to improve a character setting, typography and page layout which gives a more pleasant reading experience. The Kindle eBook reader is designed to give you an optimum reading experience and an unmatched efficiency. The Kindle is also backed by Amazon’s award winning Kindle Support that is always available to rescue.

Barnes and Nobel Nook GlowLight PlusNook-GlowLight-Plus
Books and water do not mix. Now that goes double for eBook readers. After an accidental dip in the water they are far less likely to be readable. Well, the Glow Light Plus from the Nook series of Barnes and Nobel breaks the belief. The model is the first waterproof entry into the series. The eBook reader is one of the lightest and smallest one weighing only 6.9 ounces. It has inbuilt backlighting making it possible to read in the dark. But it has an unintuitive store interface with slight performance lag.

Kobo-Aura-H2OKobo Aura H2O
Kobo Aura H2O will take your eBook reader to somewhere it has never been before, all the way to your bathtub. You can read worry free while at the tub or the beach. It is very light and is comfortable to hold. It has got a sharp screen and bright page lighting, the only pitfall being that it’s a bit pricey.

Nook Simple TouchNook-Simple-Touch
The Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook reader is very much recommended for those who are looking for a bang for their eBook readers. This eBook reader is android powered and has access to B&N catalogue of books. One of the most important features is its ability to be converted into a fully fledged Android tablet. Once you are through it, the possibilities are endless. It has an ably crafted body with a great battery life.

Kobo-Glo-HDKobo Glo HD
The Kobo Glow HD is a Wi-Fi powered 6″ reader, available for $129. It has a high resolution display like you would generally see in a Smartphone or tablet. But its a battery sipping eBook reader. It weighs about 6 ounces and has a thickness of about 0.36 inches. It is packed with Kobo’s heavy optimization and this will provide you with a ton of font choices, font size options and font weight and sharpness settings.

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