How to Reset Kindle Fire Password

kindle-familyPasswords are integrated part of our life these days, we need them every day. Almost everything is protected by a password like our social media account, bank account and personal computer. We need to remember hundreds of password to gain access to our valuable gadgets and online accounts. If we forget the password we cannot login into our computer and mobile device. Today no one can imagine a life without computers and gadgets like mobile phone and tablets. Here I will show you how to Reset Kindle Password for all devices.

Amazon Kindle is also one of such devices that are protected by a password to secure our data and privacy. Amazon Kindle needs a password every time it starts and if you forget this, you won’t be able to read your eBooks. I have already been a victim of this when I forgot my password to login my Kindle Fire device. I have also called Kindle Support to get some help on this but somehow I was not able to understand telephone instruction provided by Support agent over the phone.

When I called Support, person was very helpful but he was also unable to help me to recover my password but he told me the way to gain access into my Kindle. However that was not what I want but that made the Kindle usable and I was able to read my eBooks after some time. Here I will let you know how to do Reset Kindle Password without calling Kindle Help as you might have to wait in queue before you get connected to a live person.

Let me also tell you in the beginning that this will reset your Kindle Fire to factory setting and you have to register it again with Amazon to download all of your books. But this is the only way to solve this problem even Kindle Fire Support won’t be able to do anything until you do this. You need to follow below mentioned steps very carefully.

Once you reach the lock screen on your Kindle Fire device, you need to slide the Unlock bar right to left.

Reset Kindle Password

Now you will be able to use your keypad to type the password, you need to enter wrong password five times.


  • Now your Kindle Device should prompt you to reset it and you need to tap on “Reset”.
  • After few minutes your Kindle device will restart itself.
  • Now you can connect it with your wi-fi router.
  • Register it with Amazon account and you can download all of your books.

This is the only way to Reset Kindle Password without calling Kindle Tech Support and you can download all of you content again to enjoy your loved eBooks from Amazon. Some of you might not want to reset your Kindle to factory settings but unfortunately this is the only way to solve this problem.

One more tip, if you have forgotten your parental control password then you has to type “111222777” in the password field to reset your Kindle to factory settings.

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