How to Remove Preinstalled Apps from Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The latest Kindle Fire HD is based on the customized version of latest Android operating system. This is one of the highly customizable operation systems Amazon has ever released and it makes lots of thing easier in life as compared to older versions of Kindle device. You can do most of the thing you want but still there are some limitations. Recently I have noticed that home screen on my Kindle Fire HD seems to be very busy and I am a lover of clean user interface, I don’t like so many things on home screen, one or two icons are OK. Here is the guide to Remove PreInstalled Apps From Kindle Fire home screen.

I also noticed that most of apps that were there on the home screen are preinstalled apps from Amazon itself. I tried to uninstall them the way I usually uninstall any other app but to my wonder I was not able to do so. It simply means that you could not Remove PreInstalled Apps From Kindle Fire. If any one of you has also tried to clean the home screen, you might have also noticed this. Sometimes we get stuck with situations that we can’t change but after some time we get used to it. But this problem was very frustrating; I wanted to remove preinstalled apps on Kindle Fire from the home screen anyhow.

Remove PreInstalled Apps From Kindle FireI immediately called Kindle Support in a hope that their customer service representative will definitely help me to remove those preinstalled apps from my loved Kindle Fire HD device. They guy on the phone was very helpful but he told me that those apps can’t be uninstalled like the regular apps instead he told me a work around. He told me to login into my Amazon account then go to the “Manage My Devices” section and delete those preinstalled apps from there. Kindle Tech Support technician also informed me that this will remove those preinstalled apps from all devices if I have multiple devices registered with the same Amazon account.

I was very desperate to delete those apps so gave it a try but to my surprise it didn’t work for me. I was just thinking now what to do, the problem was still there. I didn’t want to call Help again and again. I decided to take help from the internet community and did some research on the internet for 3 long hours. At last I have figured out a decent work around for this. Although I have spent so much of time and energy but I was feeling happy.

It’s very sad that you cannot Remove PreInstalled Apps From Kindle Fire but you can certainly hide them. Yes, you can hide them so that you won’t see them, it’s simple. Just like any windows computer you need to create a folder on the home screen and you can move all those apps into this new folder. This will solve the problem up to certain point but if you are still not satisfied with this solution, you can also move that folder to the bottom of the screen so that you won’t see it too often. Although this is not a perfect solution but it is the most decent work around that too without calling Kindle Help Phone Number for any kind of help.

I personally believe if you are also looking to clean up home screen on you Kindle Fire HD device, this article will be helpful for you and you might not need to spend your valuable time with Amazon Kindle Fire Support agents. If you have any suggestion to improve this article so that it will be more helpful for other Kindle users, just let me know.