How to Remove Books From Amazon Kindle Fire HD

kindle-fire-hdYou have Kindle Fire HD and you are enjoying reading with your Kindle Fire HD. Kindle Fire HD is best suits to the eBook readers, they can use it to read thousands of e-book. These e-books are available from the Kindle Support store. If you are Kindle user then you can get an e-book from the Amazon. But, downloading more books can take more memory spaces, why not you Delete Books From Kindle, which you have read and that is not needed in future. So you wanted to Delete Books From Kindle, but the problem is, you do not know how to remove books from the Kindle fire HD. Today you will get a complete guide to remove the book from Amazon Kindle Fire HD. So you need to follow the steps.

So here is the most awaited steps are revealed to Delete Books From Kindle. You can follow these steps without any hesitation because these steps are already tested steps of removing the book from Kindle HD.

Notes: Before sharing the methods to remove Books from Amazon Kindle, I want to share important notes with you. If you have deleted books from manage your content and device then you will never be able download it again unless you call Kindle Technical Support. You will have to purchase that content once again to download that content or book.

Method 1 : Delete Book From Content Library

1. You have to go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
2. Now from the content, you can change the show drop-down menu to any category. It is an optional step, follow it if needed.
3. Choose the Book title, which you want to delete from your content library.
4. Now confirm the deletion by the clicking on Yes, delete permanently.

Now, you have successfully deleted the book from your Kindle content library. Now you can never recover that book, you have to purchase that book once again from Amazon Kindle Help to read that.

Delete Books From Kindle

Method 2: Remove From Newsstand

Now you will learn how to remove the book from the Newsstand menu option of the Kindle Fire HD. Follow the steps

1. Go the Kindle HD home screen. On the home screen, you need to tap on the Book or Newsstand to see your Book Library in Kindle Fire HD.
2. Now you will have a list of the books, choose which book you want to remove, then long tap on that book, then a menu will appear with some options.
3. from those options tap on remove from device.

Done, now the book has been successfully removed from the Kindle Fire HD.

Wrapped Up
In this post, you have learnt how to Delete Books From Kindle. You can free up memory space of your Kindle Fire HD by deleting books from it. Hope, now you are capable of deleting books from the Kindle Fire HD. If again you are unable to remove the book, and then feel free to contact Kindle Fire Support, they will try to resolve your issue.