How To Register Or DeRegister Amazon Kindle Fire Device

kindle-pwIf you are looking for a way to register or deregister your Amazon Kindle then you have reached on the right post. Here we will let you know step by step instructions to Register Kindle. There are times when you might need to Register Kindle Fire with Amazon account. You might have just bought a new Kindle and now looking for Kindle Registration method. If it is a used Kindle, it might be already registered by previous owner, in this case first you have to Deregister Kindle Devices before you can Register it again with your Amazon account. Although it is very easy to Register a Kindle if you follow Amazon Kindle Registration steps carefully but still you might face some technical problems if that happens we would suggest you to contact Kindle Support for further help from Amazon.

There are two primary requirements before you can Register Kindle with Amazon. First your Kindle device should be connected with the internet and secondly you must have an active Amazon account. Thus before you can move forward, connect your Kindle device to your wireless network and create a new Amazon account, you can also do so during Kindle Registration process. All Kindle devices must be registered with Amazon account in order to buy books and download content from Amazon. Follow these instructions carefully to Register Kindle device. If anything goes wrong such as you cannot remember user name or password, you can contact Kindle Technical Support to recover a lost account.

Register Kindle

  1. From the Home screen, go to Menu and then Settings
  2. Now you need to go to My Account
  3. Now you will get two choices
    • I already have an Amazon account
    • I do not have Amazon account

Register Kindle Fire

If you already have an active account with Amazon, choose the first one and enter your user name and password to Register Kindle otherwise go the second one and create a new account with Amazon.

DeRegister Kindle

If your Kindle device is already registered with some other account then you need to follow these instructions to DeRegister Kindle device before you can Register it with your account.

  1. From the Home screen, go to Menu and then Settings
  2. Now go to My Account section
  3. Now you need to Tap on DeRegister Device
  4. Confirm to DeRegister Kindle

As soon as you complete Kindle DeRegistration steps, you can register it again with a new account.

We believe that above mentioned instruction are very easy to follow but still if you find it difficult, you can contact Kindle Help for Registration, all you will need is the serial number of your Kindle device and Amazon guys might register it from their end but not guaranteed. To find the serial number of your Kindle go to Menu and then tap on Settings. Now you need to tap on Menu again then choose Device Info. Here you will find the Serial Number of your Kindle device to register it.

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