How to Redeem Your McAfee Retail Card

mcafee-live-safeAs you already know McAfee is now Intel Security and Award winning digital security software used worldwide. On your purchase of any McAfee product, you are provided with a McAfee Retail Card from the store.

Why Retail Card
Maybe the CD kept by the retailer you are buying has an old version of the software and once you install it on your computer, you will have to run software update. Moreover, every update has improvements and latest technologies with more identified hacking attacks that it can prevent.

But if you have an older version, it is no good.

I guess you got it already. Yes, to make sure you are up to date with the technology McAfee sells McAfee Retail Card in retail stores.  That card has nothing but a PIN CODE provided by McAfee Support that can be redeemed on the McAfee website. Now you can download and further install the product you bought on your PC.

McAfee Retail Card

How easy is that? It is like counting one two and three.

But not everyone finds it easy

Ok, let me take you through the process and try to explain the process.

Why you find problems in activating your retail card?
Because you bought McAfee Antivirus Plus and trying to activate your card on a wrong page. I don’t want to beat about the bush and you understand this well. Only a master key can unlock all the locks. Otherwise, you have to put key A in Lock A and key B in the lock B. Yes, you were breaking up a wrong tree. If you find it difficult, contact McAfee Customer Support for further help with McAfee Retail Card.

Let’s Start Activating Your Card
Were you using any other antivirus or security tool before? If yes, then uninstall it. Make sure you have no temporary data left from that security software. Reboot your computer and open McAfee website retail card activation page for the product you bought, contact McAfee  Support Phone Number if you don’t know how to open correct web page.

McAfee Activate (McAfee Activate) –
McAfee MAV (Antivirus Plus) Retail Card –
McAfee MTP (Total Protection) Retail Card –
McAfee MIS (Internet Security) Retail Card –
McAfee MLS (Live Safe All Access) Retail Card –


Like I am on the McAfee Antivirus Plus retail card activation page and the page too says that I am here.

Now Follow the Steps

  • Select the country you live in and put the PIN code you must have found on the back of your retail card (Did you see?)
  • Create an account on the website and login with the email and password respectively.
  • Now see links inside your dashboard to download and activate the product.

The biggest advantage of redeeming and activating your software this way is “the latest version on your computer” that can protect your data even from recently captured and identified virus attacks. If you computer is already infected by malware, contact McAfee for clean up before you install McAfee Retail Card.

If you were unable to redeem the McAfee Retail Card successfully, go get back on the drawing board and follow the instructions step by step. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, let the McAfee Tech Support guys from McAfee give you a hand.