Norton Security Deluxe 2016 Review

Norton Security DeluxeFor every PC/Laptop, the antivirus is the most required software. To make your computer threat free you use antivirus software. There are many famous names available in the market. Norton is also a famous name in the Antivirus world. From last few years, they have improved their features and Norton Support. Now Norton Antivirus can block a maximum number of Trojans, spyware and many more unhealthy things to your computer system. Norton Antivirus provides three packages for virus protection. So Norton Security Deluxe is one of the best antivirus packages available at So here in this post, I am going to give you a clean review on Norton Security Deluxe 2016.

Norton Security Deluxe 2016
Limitation: Up to 5 PCs, Macs, Smartphone or tablets.

Norton Security Deluxe is one of the best antivirus defender. It helps you to make your computer and the data secure. Norton Security Deluxe 2016 provides you 5 licenses, so you can use it in up to 5 devices with a single subscription. If want to secure more than 5 device, you should call Norton for additions licenses.


  • Scored well in Blocking of Dangerous Websites.
  • Best ant-phishing Level.
  • Powerful protection for Smartphone (iOS/Android)
  • Special tool for optimizing the performance
  • Secure password Management
  • Protect up to 5 devices.


  • Limited protection for iOS devices
  • No Parental control.
  • Slow down PC during the full scan.

Features of Norton Security Deluxe 2016

Antivirus Protection
Norton Security Deluxe has the good option to scan the system and find out the threats and malware. It has three scan option Quick, full and custom scans. You can choose any of the options according to your convenient. There is also a power eraser tool available on Norton website, if you cannot find it on website, contact Norton Antivirus Support for download link. Norton Power Eraser finds very deeply hidden viruses and then it removes them. So the virus protection is the best of the Norton Security Deluxe.

Security Features
In the Norton Security Deluxe the firewall settings are auto adjustable. You can manually control it too. It also has auto live protection to secure your computer in real time. There is also a secure password manager. You need to create a “Master Password” if you forgot your Master password then there is no way to recover it apart from calling Norton Technical Support for assistance. So it provides more safety from the hackers.


Performance Optimization
Norton Security Deluxe has a bunch of tools to optimize the performance of your computer system. It has disk defragmenter, temp file cleaner, and startup manager. So by using these utilities you can optimize the performance of your PC/Laptops.

Norton Security Deluxe has good user interface. The background screen changes according to the status of your computer system. If you are well protected, then the screen color will be green, if your system has any issue, then it will be red with Norton Tech Support contact details. Apart from this screen coloring, all the PC status and features are available on the homepage.

Wrapped up
If you have more than one system up to 5, then it is good antivirus for all of your PCs and other devices. I have also aware you about their features and their performances. If you want to know more details about Norton Security Deluxe then let us know. Thank you.