What is Norton Wallet and Why Should You Use it

Often users fear misuse of their financial and credit card information while doing any online transactions. The information mishandled due to a number of reasons causing serious troubles to the users, these include, fake and scam websites that are entirely created to rope in customers and misuse their financial credentials. However, secure and authentic websites have also been a reason of losing information for users as well. This happens due to improper security channels that aid key loggers and hackers in stealing your information from the regular authentic websites. Here Norton Wallet comes to rescue your from these problems.

Norton’s Identity Safe is a website that saves all your critical information and lets you use it from any remote location and from any device as long as it runs a web browser. Norton Identity Safe saves information like, web logins, credit card details, important notes and other financial login details like web banks etc. Norton Identity Safe comes with a feature called Norton Wallet that lets save and use your financial information. All the critical information you save on Identity Safe is uploaded on your Norton Wallet.

Uses of Norton Wallet

Norton Wallet

A lot of users that perform online transactions on a great scale prefer using Norton Identity Safe Wallet due to its extensive features, availability from anywhere and secure online system. Here are a few reasons why you should also start using Norton Wallet to save your financial information online:

Ease of Transactions:
With Norton Identity Safe Wallet it is extremely easy to fill your credentials anywhere online. Be it your credit card info, bank details, personal info associated with financial credentials or any other information. With Norton Wallet, while making online transactions you can easily go through the highly extensive forms within seconds. Whenever you open a site for example, a banking site, Norton Wallet asks you for permissions to fill up the form automatically for you. You can choose the payment method through these info bars and select the information that has to be used on the site. Once the information is filled up, the Norton Wallet remembers it every time you open the site.

Customization of Details:
With Norton Identity Safe Wallet, you can decide which credentials are to be used on which website. Hence, Norton Wallet saves you from a lot of hassle of choosing information for each site every time you visit it. In case if you need any further information on this, you can contact Norton Support Phone Number anytime, they are available 24X7.

It is Extremely Secure:
With your eyes closed you can easily trust Norton Identity Safe Wallet. You need two passwords to login to your Norton Wallet. Hence the two step verification reduces the chances of your information stolen or breached in anyway. The first password is your Norton password which provides access to all the services and the second one is especially for your Norton Wallet. The Norton Support team does not keep a record of your Norton Wallet password hence once you forget it, there is no way going back. You cannot retrieve it by clicking on ‘forgot my password’ like any ordinary account.

Safety from Key Loggers:
Identity Safe Wallet is designed on highly secure standards hence it is almost impossible for key loggers to steal your information and misuse it anywhere. Any form that you fill using Norton Wallet does not have any chance of your information getting exploited.

We believe this article is helpful for you to understand the features and uses of Norton Wallet. Official Norton Tech Support is also there if you get stuck in trouble. If you like this article, do not forget to share it with your friends.

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