Why Norton ConnectSafe Is Important For Your Online Security

Norton ConnectSafe is a free public service that offers to its users a defense against websites that are considered malicious and threatening. The sort of protection they offer depends on the policy chosen by its ends user. This cloud-based web filtering service was founded by Symantec. It enables you to connect to a website faster and safer. As you visit a website using this domain name system, it runs a quick check on the website and blocks it if it is a malicious website, preventing it from causing harm to your device. This is a very useful service for the end users who spend much time on internet and want to be safe and secure.

How Does It Work?
Norton ConnectSafe is like a phone book. Computers connect only to IP addresses of other websites (and not the domain name). Norton Support has a web safe database where millions of websites IP addresses are stored. When It is used, the IP address of the website will be delivered fast. It uses the information on its database to detect malicious websites during browsing. It then provides the use with necessary information on why the website may be malicious or harmful. However, It can collect data about the web activities of the user. This is done in order to help increase the speed of surfing, and for improving security. Nevertheless, no personally identifiable information will be kept making sure that your privacy is most important.

Norton ConnectSafe

Get Started
It is very easy to use, it only takes couple of minutes to get started. Configure the network settings on your individual computer to use Norton ConnectSafe. Visit Norton ConnectSafe webpage and click at “let’s get started” after ticking user agreement. Click at “Configure Router” to configure your router to use Norton ConnectSafe. You can configure your PC by clicking “Configure PC”. A list of instructions will be displayed on your screen. Follow them to configure your PC to start using it. Configuring technical things on your computer and router might be tricky for some of you thus Norton Support Phone Number plays very important role to guide you step by step.

Norton ConnectSafe has an innovative feature that can be rarely seen in other antimalware programs. This unique feature is the Unsafe Site Filter. It allows you to see Norton Secured sites when you search. It can be switched on and off. It is only a cloud-based service that can be attached to the browser of a device, thus, no need for installation of software. It also features a fast DNS response, making every visited web page to lead faster.

There are various benefits associated with this product that users stand to gain. They are:

Safety: Norton protects the user and computer from harm. It blocks access of unauthorized bodies from gaining access to the user’s computer. It does this up to the database name service (DNS) level. Norton ConnectSafe queries the websites through its Norton web safe database to ensure that they are not malicious websites.

Speed: With the domain name service, loading web pages becomes faster than default DNS browsers. This can be attributed to the availability of the websites IP addresses at the Norton database.

Blocks Malicious Content: It forms a shield to computers against malicious websites. Security and hardened servers safeguard Norton ConnectSafe from DNS-based attacks. It protects all Web connected computers such as laptops, Mobile phones, game consoles and desktops.

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