McAfee Total Protection 2016 Review

McAfee Total ProtectionMcAfee is a complete award-winning antivirus for your PC/Laptops. It is compatible for almost all the devices either you have windows, android or Mac McAfee Total protection will be compatible for all. McAfee is a leader in global internet and security field, it provides trusted software and products which we can use without any hassle with great McAfee Support. So if you want to protect your laptop/PC then you most need to aware about best security tools and anti-viruses.

McAfee Total Protection 2016
If you want to live away from Trojans, Spyware, rootkit and other computer viruses then you should try McAfee Total protection. It is award winning and lab tested complete package of best antivirus tools, which helps to protect your systems and data. It also provide toll free McAfee Support Phone Number so you can contact them for installation assistance. It automatically detects malware and viruses and takes an appropriate action to make your system safe from damage.


  • Platform Independent.
  • Trusted & Tested in labs.
  • Accurate Anti-Spam
  • File Encryption


  • Firewall is completely not protected.
  • iOS/Mac support is Limited.
  • Features of McAfee Protection 2016

Platform Independent
McAfee Total Protection is platform independent. It can be used on almost every operating system. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Security Management Console
There is a security management console, where you can check the security status of all of your devices. Remotely you can track your system and smart phone and you can also lock your stolen product on a single touch or click.


File Encryption
It encrypts files which are stored in your computer system to provide higher privacy of your file. It helps you to keep your secret files secret in your computer system.

File Lock
There is the option of file lock so that you can keep your files secret even you have lost your PC or Smartphone. It provides 256-bit advanced file encryption to lock and secures your file.

Spam Email Filter
This option of McAfee total security keeps away dangerous mail from your inbox. It filters the suspicious email in your inbox. It stops junk emails.

Toll Free Support
The technical support of McAfee is very famous. They are always willing to help you and try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. McAfee Tech Support provides technical support, Security advisor and also customer service till your subscription time period.

Money Back Guarantee
There is also a trial version of McAfee total security, you can use that. After purchase, if you are not fully satisfied with the product, then call McAfee Technical Support within 30 days. They will provide you complete refund. So McAfee provides 30 days money back guarantee for every user.

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