McAfee Inc. owned by Intel Corporation is one of leading companies delivering computer security products all over the world. McAfee has been known to deliver quality products and services to protect and secure personal computers for over a decade. The company was founded by John McAfee years back with a vision to provide most secure and trusted computing experience to the end user. Millions of people using McAfee to secure their computer in the world and most of them are loyal and satisfied customers. People are also happy because company provides excellent McAfee Support to its customers.

McAfee antivirus is a program that offers security against virus, malware and various spyware. McAfee antivirus is one of the initial programs launched by the company to protect personal computers. McAfee antivirus is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. McAfee antivirus offers all the basic protection that your personal computer might need. A single subscription is more than enough to protect and secure most of the devices you might have. Still if you need any kind of help to secure your devices, you can contact McAfee Customer Service at any time of the day for assistance.

McAfee Internet Security is another program that has much more features then McAfee antivirus in terms of protection. In addition to antivirus McAfee Internet Security comes with anti-spam and parental control features that you can utilize to protect your data and privacy. McAfee Internet Security also comes with web advisor feature that detect suspicious websites and warns you in advance. It also detect malicious downloads before they gets into your computer and alerts you. McAfee also comes with very good password manager feature so that you do not need to remember complex passwords. You can get in touch with McAfee Support team on McAfee Phone Number if want to know how to configure parental control and password manager.

McAfee Total Protection is top of the line product compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It can also be installed on android powered smart phones and other devices such as iOs. McAfee Total Protection provides complete security to entire household devices with a single subscription. It also ads file encryption feature to safe guard your confidential files against theft. It comes with built in password manager and you can also sync your stored password among multiple devices. McAfee Total Protection is one of the most expensive products from McAfee but it is also one of the best to secure and protect your computer and devices. Any time you can take help from McAfee Customer Support in case if you stuck in a problem with your PC.

McAfee is one of the trusted companies all across the world for its excellent McAfee Support to its customers. Even if you are using the trial version of the product still you can contact McAfee Customer Service any time of the day or night for assistance. The technicians are always eager to help each and every customer with minimum wait time. When you call McAfee Support Number you need to make the right selection in the ivr to reach the right department and support executives will try to resolve each and every problem you might have.