McAfee Internet Security 2016 Review

McAfee Internet SecurityYou are an avid internet user or your business is totally over the internet, then you need a complete security of your data and the computer system. You should install good internet security software which is trusted and best for protecting you and your system from the Trojan worms, viruses and hackers attacks. Then, you should use “McAfee Internet Security” on your windows computer. As McAfee is a global giant of internet security and antivirus, so it is fully trusted internet security software. So here, I am going to give you a complete review of McAfee Internet Security 2016. You will get everything in the review pros, cons, and features.

McAfee Internet Security 2016 is trusted internet security software. It helps to avoid viruses attack and threats. It avoids risky and dangerous websites. It also provides best mobile security. You can easily manage your password and your password will be secure.


  • Protect almost all devices
  • High protection Level (Tested in Labs)
  • Accurate Anti-spamming
  • Secure Password Manager


  • Only one certificate per subscription
  • Minimal Firewall Protection
  • Features in iOS/Mac are Limited

Above are some of the pros and cons of the McAfee Internet Security 2016.

McAfee Internet Security 2016 Features


Website Filtering
McAfee Internet security 2016 provides the functionality of website filtering. It identifies the dangerous and harmful website and then it block them to provide you better and secure browsing. If any website is being blocked and you think it is safe, you can contact McAfee Support to get it unblocked. It avoids risky downloads too, if there is any harmful file to be downloaded then it restricts those file to download.

Email Filtering
Sometimes there are many malicious emails coming to your inbox. It leads to degrading the security of your data and system. So McAfee Internet Security has email filtering option. It automatically detects bad emails and then throws them away from your inbox.


Security Management Console
This special feature of McAfee Internet Security is available on iOS/Windows/Android. By using this function you can easily check the status of your devices. You can also locate your devices from anywhere. You can also lock your Smartphone or other devices in case of stolen. You can contact McAfee Technical Support to know more about this feature and other options.

Free Technical Support
The technical support of the McAfee is very standard and being delivered on toll free McAfee Support Phone Number that is available 24X7. They provide a very good technical assistance to its users. They always to resolve the issue of the customer, they always try to satisfy their customer. They do offer technical support to resolve errors and technical issues. McAfee Antivirus Support has separate security advisers who advise you and help you for better security. They have 24×7 customer service available so that any time you can inquire about your doubt and hesitation. So McAfee is a user friendly brand and several customer services options are available on their website.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
If you have bought McAfee Internet Security, but you are not satisfied with the product, then they are offering 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied 100% then complain to them they will refund your 100% amount without a single penny deduction.

Over to You
Thanks for being on this review. Here I have included each and everything about McAfee Internet Security 2016. Everything is in front of you now, so you can choose your Internet Security software according to your need. If you want to know more details about McAfee Internet Security 2016 then feel free to contact us.