What to Do When McAfee Antivirus is Not Opening?

mcafee-av-plus-1There is an awkward moment when you continuously try to open the McAfee Antivirus on your computer but McAfee Not Opening. Antivirus has a great role in the smooth performance of a computer. You rely on Antivirus software for the security of your data saved on your computer and it makes you feel a bit under the weather when it does not open. Maybe the McAfee Antivirus was not installed successfully, was lacking some configuration or there is something else that’s creating issues with the installation. McAfee Customer Support might help you to determine the correct issue with McAfee Antivirus.

Here I have the solution to your problem.

First of all, do check these points

  1. Make sure there is no other Antivirus or security software installed on your computer. If so then successfully remove the software package and its temporary files from your computer.
  2. Conduct a check by visiting the program directory on the C drive or wherever you install the system and application software. Delete all the (another antivirus) files from there and restart the computer.

Ok, above points are not creating issues? Do check once again and if satisfied, try steps given below to fix McAfee Not Opening problem.

Using RUN Command
Go to Start Button >> Run >> type “services.msc” and hit enter (You don’t have to put the value in inverted commas)

All the McAfee Antivirus services must be activated and working. If not, double click the service and modify its startup method to Automatic. Now see you’re in the General tab of that dialog box. Navigate to the Recovery tab, select Restart the service option and press Ok button. It is recommended to contact McAfee Antivirus Support before you change the anything in McAfee Service. Reboot your computer and now check if the McAfee Antivirus opens automatically with the startup of the windows or not.

Still having Issues? McAfee Antivirus might be installed with bugs or some files might be missing. There is one more way to sort out this problem. Follow it step by step. We are going to reinstall the McAfee Antivirus software but you have to implement it in a different process.

Firstly, Download and run the McAfee Removal Tool from the official McAfee website or call McAfee Support Phone Number to get the correct download location and run it. Now, run mcpreinstalll tool (a tool by McAfee from configuring your device prior to the setup). Download the McAfee Antivirus setup from the website or insert the software CD and reinstall the antivirus application. If you do not have the installation disk, you can call McAfee to get it.

(Make sure you were restarting your computer after each process)

McAfee Not Opening


Once the setup is finished installing the software, Activate McAfee Antivirus with your license key. If you do not know the license code, contact McAfee to get it on your email.

Successfully activate your package and reboot the PC. Did it open?

So the last option is to talk the supporting help center of McAfee with your detailed bug information. Virtual Assistant from McAfee Support team will be helping you getting out of this brain whelming McAfee Not Opening problem.

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