Kindle Voyage 2016 Review

Kindle VoyageAmazon Kindles have no doubt brought e-books to the mainstream. The light weight, tablet like e-book readers have captured the fascinations of book lovers all over the world from the very beginning. While Kindle Paper White has been the most popular and pocket friendly Kindle till date with Kindle Voyage Amazon has definitely added a touch of luxury to the e-book reading experience. The Kindle Voyage also comes with excellent Amazon Kindle Support from Amazon to make it more valuable.

Amazon Kindle Voyage is so far the finest e-book reader the world has ever seen. That being said, the top notch Kindle Voyage comes with a price tag of $200 and this is the starting price! So, is Amazon Voyage worth it? In this post we are reviewing Kindle Voyage on its features and trying to figure out whether the sky high price tag is at all worth it or not.

Look and Feel
As far as look goes, Kindle Voyage is one good looking e-book reader! The tablet like device is sleek and the angular details at the back give it chic look. The soft touch design makes it very easy to hold on to. The power button neatly comes under the fore finger and with dimensions of 162x115x7.6 mm as mentioned on Amazon Kindle Tech Support, you can easily fit the device in one hand. The front panel comes with one single pane and has no raised bezels like the Paper White model. This gives Kindle Voyage a super sleek look as well as makes it was easier to turn the pages.

Performance-wise you can term Kindle Voyage the best Kindle ever. The device is much faster than other Kindles and has a super responsive screen. Although the screen is much smoother than other Kindles, we found it to be delightfully resistant to reflections. Voyage comes with an internal memory of 4 GB; so you can store more books than you’ll probably read in a life time.

When it comes to battery life, Kindle Voyage claims to have 6 weeks of battery life with 30 minutes reading time a day. However, you can expect up to 2 weeks battery life with longer reading times and Wi-Fi switched on. If you want to increase its battery life, Kindle Fire Support might help you on this.

When it comes to e-book readers, display is the most important feature and Amazon has clearly surpassed itself with Kindle Voyage! The e-book reader simply has the best display ever! The 300 PPI screen comes with 1,448×1,072 resolution (source: Amazon). The text looks crisp and clearer than ever.


The Kindle Voyage won us over with its auto adjustable brightness control. The smart control not only just adjust the screen brightness depending on the environment, but also dims the lights as you read in dark for longer time and your eyes gets accustomed to lower light. Help on this feature is available free of cost on Support Number, let them know the issue and they will assist you.

Our Verdict
Well, it is undeniable that Kindle Voyage is so far the best Kindle Amazon has launched. Be it sleek design, awesome display or high performance; Voyage wins in every segment. However the question remains, whether the over $200 price tag is justifiable or not? Now, if you are a book worm and looking at pampering yourself with some luxury e-reading experience then go ahead with Kindle Voyage. More details are available at Amazon Kindle Help, just a call away.

Over to You
So, would you go for Kindle Voyage or not? We love to hear from you!

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