Kindle PaperWhite 2016 Review

Kindle PaperWhiteE Readers are now very famous way to enjoy eBooks, you can enjoy stories, favorite Nobel, courses and etc. Kindles are generating new users, who do experience almost the real feel of paperback version of the book. But in recent few years, there are many new technical updates coming day by day. Every year Kindle Support is adding some more features to make a good feel of the virtual book. Now Kindles are going beyond the pages because of new technology and the features. Amazon has also provided an option of Kindle Fire Support to assist eBook readers. So here in this post, I am going to review Kindle PaperWhite 2016, this Kindle has amazing features, which you have never seen.

Kindle Paper White 2016

Kindle Paper White is provided by the world’s very famous company Amazon Inc. Kindle Paper White 2016 is an awesome E-book reader. It is very light weight Kindle. This is the best Kindle to read E-book in terms of the features. The screencast of Kindle Paper White is very awesome with a white glow. It has built in light which softly cast the screen. It gives an awesome feel while reading the E-Book. It gives mind blowing experience, you will forget the other E-book reader and the original book too. Amazon Kindle Support is also easily accessible to help you while reading eBooks from Amazon Kindle Paper white. So, if you are an E-book geek, then you most try Kindle PaperWhite 2016.

Features of Kindle Paper White 2016


  • It has high-resolution screen having 330ppi, you can read E-book like a real book.
  • In-built manageable light according to day and night.
  • Long lasting battery life with excellent Kindle Help Phone Number from Amazon.
  • It is very light, you can hold thousands of books.
  • You can read comfortably with a single hand because it is too light and thinner.
  • You will love and like reading with Kindle, so there will not be a distraction.
  • You can read like a book because in Kindle you will get dark sharp texts.
  • User can also take the notes, there is also a functionality of share notes.
  • User may go deeper with the X-ray option, you may zoom the text as you want.
  • You can translate your E-Book in any other languages. Tap or highlight the text and choose your language to translate.
  • Kindle users can increase their word power because every word checked through the dictionary automatically added to the vocabulary builder.

Apart from all the above features, there are many more features in Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2016 like it provide excellent Customer Service to customers who have purchased eBooks from Amazon.

Over to You
Thank you so much for landing on the Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 2016 review. Here in this review, I have put down my personal experience during using of Kindle Paper white 2016. I have mentioned every feature of this Kindle. So now you can choose according to your need and the budget. Thank you.

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