Kindle Paper White Vs Kindle Voyage Comparison

kindle-pwThe Amazon Inc started its Kindle E-reader devices from Kindle Fire and is now dominating the market of E-reader device. Nook and Kobo were there to give some competition to the Kindle E-readers but currently it seems that the market is being occupied by Kindle E-readers only and the biggest reason for this is that Amazon provide top notch Amazon Kindle Support to its Kindle users who face any issue with Kindle device. here is the comparison of Kindle PaperWhite vs Kindle Voyage so that you can choose the best for you.

Why should it not be? Kindle PaperWhite vs Kindle Voyage
Branded by the giant eCommerce website in the world and loaded with unbeatable features like the best Support along with the quality makes Kindle E-readers series stand out.

Well, Kindle Voyage is costly and PaperWhite is the most popular eReader at this time. There are not too many differences between the Kindle Paper White and Kindle Voyage.

Yes, both devices are from the same brand “Amazon Kindle” and are one of their own kinds. Basic functions like reading eBooks, Music and Video Player, Bookerly fonts, X-ray Scanner and Amazon Kindle Help are common in both the devices. There is an experimental web browser to provide you with basic internet surfing.

Comparison Starts from the Built, Configuration and Hardware

Kindle PaperWhite vs Kindle Voyage

Is it good to buy Kindle Voyage? Hey, Kindle Paper White is much better! Which one shall I go for?

Here is the answer to your questions.

Let’s try to spill the beans.

Build and Design
Kindle Voyage: 180g, 7.6mm thick, Page Press buttons, magnesium back
Kindle PaperWhite: 205g, 9.1mm thick, plastic body with soft touch

So, the difference is apparent here. Voyage is slimmer, lighter and faster than Kindle PaperWhite. Talking about Kindle Voyage, It’s smart and thin. If you prefer Design and price do not create an issue in your purchasing decisions, Kindle Voyage is the right answer. As Kindle Voyage is lighter than PaperWhite and comes with Amazon Kindle Fire Support, It is easier to carry, handle and operate comfortably. Moreover, it has Page press buttons which make the difference.

Storage and Connectivity of Kindle PaperWhite vs Kindle Voyage
Kindle Voyage: 4GB on device storage, free cloud storage, 3G and Wi-Fi options
Kindle Paper White: 2GB on device storage, free cloud storage, 3G and Wi-Fi options

I must say. Even if Kindle PaperWhite is succeeding device from Amazon, Kindle Voyage is yet better than Paper White due to its Support. The Kindle voyage can store hell lot of data on the device that is 2X from Kindle Paper White while cloud storage on both the devices is unlimited. Now you are stuck between two stools.


Price That Matters – Kindle PaperWhite vs Kindle Voyage
If you have fewer funds to buy an e-reader device, you can’t actually afford Amazon Kindle Voyage because the difference in price between these two is not a minor amount. The price of Kindle Voyage is $60 more than that of Kindle Paper White which makes Kindle Voyage the most costly, prestigious and classy product ever launched by Amazon in Kindle Series. But as a low-cost eReader, Kindle PaperWhite is famous and very trendy among Kindle lovers.

Final Words and Verdict of Kindle PaperWhite vs Kindle Voyage
The difference between the devices is not that much to pretend you from buying one with little fewer configurations. Kindle PaperWhite is the best device for casual readers who love reading books on the go and over the internet. If you love reading a few pages and then store it in your Kindle to later reading, choose Kindle Voyage so that you can avail direct access to Amazon Kindle Tech Support for unfavorable situation.

Now let me know which one you bought…?

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