Kindle Paper White 2016: The best E-book Reader Ever!

Kindle PaperWhiteIf you are a book lover then Amazon Kindle is not a new name to you. The e-book reader first launched in 2007 has come a long way today by adding convenience and mobility to book-worms. Although the company has launched various models of Kindle over the years, the basic Paper White model has always been a hot favorite among users for Kindle Help. In 2016, as Kindle PaperWhite gets a new update, we endeavored to figure out whether the new version is at all worth it.

Here we have reviewed the Kindle Paper White (2016) based on its various features and up-gradations. So, let’s start!

What’s new in Kindle Paper White 2016?

Display & Reading: The updated version of Kindle PaperWhite gives you a much better reading experience with its 300 ppi display. The pages are whiter and the reading experience is much better. The built-in lights make it possible for you read in dark environments too. You can check Amazon Kindle Help if you want to customize your reading preferences.

The Paper White has also got the new default font, Bookerly in it. The font is pretty easier on your eyes and makes reading a much pleasurable experience. Although we loved the new font, you can change it into other available fonts, in case you are not very impressed with it. To know more about it, you can call Amazon Kindle Support anytime. The character spacing and word spacing have improved too, giving the new Paper White a much polished and sophisticated type face.

Battery Life: Although Amazon claims on Amazon Kindle Technical Support to have six weeks long battery life for Paper White (2016), this time is calculated taking quite short read time into consideration. The Wi-Fi or 3G connection also drains the battery more than claimed by the company. That being said, you do not have to roam around with the charger necessarily! As per our review and estimate, the new Kindle PaperWhite can give you up to two weeks battery life with internet connection on and fairly long read time every day. Not too bad at all!


Technical Specification: The technical specification remains more or less quite same as the previous version. The Kindle Paper White comes with 4GB internal storage, which means you can store thousands of books in it. The RAM for the new version has increase, so you may see lesser time for turning the page. You might be able to increase internal storage with the help of Amazon Kindle Fire Support  but not the RAM.

User Interface: As usual the user interface of Kindle PaperWhite is very handy. On the home screen you can see the three recently read books. The Cloud option is pretty handy in arranging books according to authors, your priority, collection or any other way you may want. You can also call Amazon if you need any help on this feature. The books open with on single tap and take you directly to the page you were reading last. You can easily bookmark, highlight and take a note while reading. The dictionary function is also great for adding up to your vocabulary.

Our Verdict
Well, Kindle PaperWhite was always a top notch e-book reader. With the 2016 version Amazon has even corrected and honed the features to make it ever more pleasurable to use. Considering all the features and amazingly affordable price, we would recommend you definitely go for it. If you have already got the Kindle Paper White 2016, tell us your experience in the comment section below!

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