Kindle Oasis Review: A Luxurious Reading Experience

Kindle OasisEver since the launch of the first Kindle in 2007, Amazon has been on a quest to improve the e-reader even more. Their latest offering Kindle Oasis is definitely intended to take your e-book reading experience to another level. With a starting price of whooping $ 290, Kindle Oasis is so far the costliest Kindle launched by the company. As per the claims of Amazon Kindle Support, Kindle Oasis would take your e-book reading experience to a whole new level. So, in this post we are reviewing Kindle Oasis on all its vital features to find out whether this high end e-book reader really meets the expectations.

Let us begin!
Here we are reviewing Kindle Oasis on mainly three features: Design, Performance and Display.

The first thing we noticed about Kindle Oasis is, how insanely thin the device is! Another thing that’ll catch your attention is that the device is not evenly thick. While the most of the device is 3.4 mm thick, you’ll notice a slightly thicker side meant for offering better grip. One may find it a bit weird at first, but we loved it nonetheless for its functionality. Another great thing about Kindle Oasis is, the device is amazingly light weight. However, the device is surprisingly sturdy for all its delicate looks. Further details about the weight and dimensions are easily available on Kindle Tech Support web page. The leather case of Kindle Oasis works as a battery pack and automatically charges the device when on. This way you always get a huge battery backup.

Although all Kindles have impeccable records of great performance, with Kindle Oasis Amazon has taken it way further. As expected Kindle Oasis comes with the latest Amazon Kindle Help software and offers some great additions. The home screen showcases the recently read books as well as the titles in your wish list. In the bottom, you can see the suggested books as per your reading history. The Kindle comes with ‘Air Plane’ mode which turns off the data connection and is quite efficient in saving battery. The software offers data syncing with Kindle Oasis toolbar too, which was not available in the earlier Kindles.


Kindle Oasis has a great battery life. Moreover, as mentioned on Amazon Kindle Technical Support it comes with a case that has a battery pack. While connect to the charger, the device and the case charges simultaneously.

Display is certainly the most important factor when it comes to a e-book reader. With Kindle Oasis you truly get a luxurious reading experience. The 300 ppi screen gives you crystal clear text display. The back light has improved a lot compared to Kindle Voyage. However the most noticeable thing on Amazon Kindle is the soothing effect of the screen. The back light adjusts itself according to the environment which gives you an unparalleled reading experience.

Our Verdict
Feature-wise Kindle Oasis is definitely the best Kindle your money can buy. Having said that, the price tag is really a thing to consider! Although, it is undeniable that Kindle Oasis gives you an awesome reading experience, the price is really a bit on the higher side. So, is it wise to go for Kindle Oasis? Well, if you are a book lover and want to get the best reading experience money can buy, then surly Kindle Oasis is the e-book reader to go for.