What To Do When Kindle Is Not Showing Purchased Books

Kindle BooksI own a Kindle Fire HD for couple of years now and so far it has been very good for me, I never had any sort of trouble with it. But yesterday when I purchased a new e-book from Amazon, to my surprise it does not show up on my Kindle device. I have tried everything that I could but my newly purchased Kindle Books do not show up at all. After spending few hours and a little bit research on search engines, I finally figured out the problem and I was able to read my new book within few minutes.

I thought there might be millions of other users who might be facing similar problems thus why not help others to recover from this critical problem. If you are also a victim of this kind of problem with your Kindle Fire HD then this article might be useful for you. Before I tell you how to resolve this problem, let me say that you need to follow these steps very carefully also if your Amazon Kindle device is not fully charged, you must charge it to 100% before you start.

Connect your Kindle Fire to the internet, you will need an active internet connection to do a manual sync with the Amazon servers. If your Kindle is already connected, do a manual sync and check if your Kindle Books are showing now on your device.

You must also check the Archive folder on your Kindle device. If you can see your Kindle Books there, you can simply click on the desired book and it will start downloading that book from Amazon servers. You can also try visiting www.kindle.com/support for assistance on Kindle Books.

If none of the above steps works for you then go to this web page: http://amazon.com/manageyourkindle Login with your Amazon account id and password. Just next to the book title, you will see and Action button. When you will click on that Action button, you will see and option as “Send To Kindle”, click on this. Now again do a manual sync and check if can see the book on your Kindle device.

Still if you cannot see the book, then you need to transfer it via USB cable. First download the book from Amazon account, save it on your computer. Now connect your Kindle to the computer with the help of USB cable and you can transfer the book to you Kindle device, it’s just like copy and paste.

At last if nothing works for you then best would be to contact Kindle Fire Support team so that they can troubleshoot your Kindle device and send your Kindle Books. Remember in this process you might need to de-resister your Kindle and Register it again, this might delete some of your data from Kindle thus do not forget to take a backup of important things from your Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

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