Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Fire HDX Comparison

kindle-fire-hdxKindle Fire is a range of Tablet PCs launched by Amazon having Amazon App store and amazing features that won’t ever let you feel that you are using a device cheaper than its alternatives. The best thing about these tablets is their price compared to devices with similar configuration and features. Here we have Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Fire HDX to compare features and configurations.

First of all, Kindle Fire is the first generation of the Amazon tablets series and being the only affordable cheapest tablet device, it got a huge traction in a very short span of time which was expected. But as the technology is always improving and new things are taking birth (being invented), it gets hard for any of the device based on technology to survive for too long.

Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Fire HDX: The Big different can apparently be seen from its screen size.

The Kindle Fire has 7” screen which is quite good for a handy portable tablet but Kindle HDX is available in two sizes. One is 7” 1920×1200 (323ppi) Resolution screen device and the second is 8.9” 2560 x 1600 (339 ppi) resolution screen and does not have more difference in the processing power.

Yes, the network is also something to be mentioned as a comparison because the first generation Kindle Fire had only Wifi -only version and the Kindle Fire HDX is also available in 4G LTE version where you can put your 4G sim card and access the High-speed 4G data.

Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Fire HDX

Light things can be handled easily and it is very easy when it is an electronic gadget that lets you access unlimited books from Amazon Cloud Kindle Support. You can store unlimited books which you purchase from Amazon store.

The Kindle Fire first generation tablet is heavy in comparison to the Kindle Fire HDX. The fire has no camera in the device and costs around $29. You can capture the awesome moments in your Kindle Fire HDX with the high quality 8 megapixel rear and 720p front-facing camera.

HDX Display
As its name says, it is not HD tablet. It is much more than just HD, its HDX having a million more pixels than in iPad Air 2. There are thousands of Android Applications available for you on the Fire OS to download and have fun on your Kindle Fire HDX with Kindle Tech Support. Well, these apps could not be downloaded on Kindle Fire first generation tablet.

Kindle Fire HDX is thinner than any other Tablet PC available in the price with the same configuration. While the Kindle Fire first generation tablet has features not compatible according to the present basic requirements in an android tablet.

My Vote is for Kindle Fire HDX. Whether you buy Kindle Fire HDX 7 or 8.9, it is a great buy under budget.