How to Install Non Amazon Apps on Kindle Fire

kindle-fireAmazon has their separate App store, they also have a huge collection of the apps to download in Amazon Kindle Fire. But, what will do when you want to Install Non Amazon Apps on Kindle Fire or PaperWhite. Kindle Support might not be able to help you with Non-Amazon apps. If you wanted to download and install the non-Amazon app on your Kindle then you need to do some changes in settings and then further you can download apps from other app stores for your Kindle Fire device. You do not know what changes will be done? Then not to worry, here in this post, I am going to share complete guide about how to install non-Amazon apps on Kindle Fire.

Change the Settings
To Install Non Amazon Apps on Kindle, you need to do some changes in the setting of your kindle. You need to change the source of installing the app. Amazon kindle Fire known source of installing the apps is only Amazon store. But you will download the non-Amazon app from unknown source, so enable installing of the app from unknown source. Remember installation of third party apps on Kindle device might not be recommended by Kindle Tech Support and it might void the warranty of the Kindle device.

To change the setting follow Go to Settings>>Device>>Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources.


Now you can easily Install Non Amazon Apps on Kindle  from any of the other sources.

Note: You can only download Android based apps, that mean you can only download APK app because Amazon Kindle operating system is the Android-based operating system.

Now you can download Non-Amazon Apps. So you need to find another App store. From any Android based app store, now you can download apps for your Kindle device.

Third Party App Store
You can now download non-Amazon apps from any of the third-party app stores. You need to consider only Android app store. There are many plenty of the third party app stores available. So you may choose any of the app stores to download the non-Amazon app. Some stores are GetJar, Mobile9 and etc. So go to any of the app store and download app which you want to install. We recommend you to read Help files carefully before you do this.

Install Non Amazon Apps on KindleTake Apps from Other Android Device
You may also take a non-Amazon app from another Android device. There are many options to get the APK from other devices. You may get it by sending through Bluetooth. Nowadays, there are many share related app, like Xender or share it. So you can also take it from other Android devices. Amazon Kindle Fire Support might not suggest installation of third party apps on any Kindle device, install them with care.

Install App from External Memory
You can also install APK from external memory. Yes, take the app backup on your SD card, then insert that in your Kindle Fire. Now you can easily install that on your Kindle device.

Wrapped up
Here in this post, we have shared a guide on how to install non-Amazon app on Kindle fire. Hope you have learned that how to download that app. So you can make a try by following the above guide. Again remember steps mentioned in this article might not be support by Amazon Kindle Support and you might lose the warranty of the Kindle device.