How to Increase Kindle Fire HDX Battery Life

kindle-fire-hdxDo you want to increase Kindle Fire battery life? Your answer will be yes because for increasing battery life of Kindle Fire HDX you are on this post. So In this post, we will share some tested methods from Kindle Support to increase the battery life of Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. I have also tested the following methods in my Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and I have experienced the increased battery life. So, you may also be an eye witness of the maximizing battery life of Amazon Kindle Fire HDX.

Kindle Fire HDX Battery Life
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX has already amazing battery life. According to their listed features on Kindle Tech Support, they are providing 12 hours mixed battery backup. That mean, while browsing the internet, using Wi-Fi, reading e-books or doing anything, the kindle’s battery will last up to 12 hours. Kindle Fire HDX battery life is long lasting. There is no other tablet available in the market, which does last like Kindle Fire HDX.

Increase Kindle Fire HDX Battery Life

Turn Down the Brightness


For increasing Battery life of Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, you need to turn down the brightness of the Kindle. Even in the lowest brightness you will able to be watching clear content on the Kindle device. So turning down brightness do not affect the quality of the content on the screen. It helps to increase battery life. You can turn down brightness from the Kindle notification bar of the Kindle, after swiping down you will see the brightness option. Now turn down from there.

Disable Location Services

Increase Kindle Fire Battery Life

It is recommended that disable to all location related services if you are not using them. Location services do consume more battery from Amazon Kindle Support. If you will disable them then the battery life will be an increase.

Disable Email Syncing
If you have added an email account in your Kindle, then it automatically connects to the server and does refresh in every 15 minutes. This entire process consumes more battery in Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. So you need to disable email syncing to maximize the battery life Fire HDX.
For disabling it call Kindle Help Phone Number or follow the steps

Setting> More > Applications > Email, Contacts, Calendars. Tap on the account name and turn the sync control setting off. Now you have done with this setting.

Turn Off Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth


If you are not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth then turn off them to save the battery. Because this functionality also consumes battery, so what is the need to turn it on when it’s not needed? So turning off while not in use will be a good move for Kindle Fire.

Off Image Loading in Browser
While you are browsing the internet, on the every website there are many images. Image loading through the web browser also takes more battery. So disabling the image loading in the web browser will be a good step towards maximizing the Fire HDX battery life. So in Kindle Fire HDX follow the steps to disable image loading in browser or get in touch with Amazon.

Open the silk web browser>Setting> Uncheck Image Loading.

Wrapped Up
In this post, we have shared some methods to increase your battery life of Kindle Fire HDX. By following above method you can increase your battery life easily.