How to Increase Font Size on Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

kindleReading E-Books on the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is an amazing experience. The quality of the screen makes it more impressive. Due to the screen quality, the font’s looks very pretty and they are easily readable. But, one question to you, do you know how to Change Font Size On Kindle? Well you can contact Kindle Support for this but if you do not know, then do not need to worry because here in this post, I am going to teach you how to format the font in the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX without calling Kindle Tech Support. Please go through the post to learn to Change Font Size On Kindle.

Why Increase Font Size?
Sometimes some texts are unable to read or you want to highlight the texts. Sometimes some people with vision problem face the issue to read properly with the default text. So it’s needed to change the font size on Kindle Fire HDX.

Sometimes, a bigger font gives you more readable experience. The benefit of the big font is that you can also read the fonts from the distance too. So there will not be any bad effects on your eyes. While making notes, a bigger font is easier to make notes in Kindle Fire HDX.


Change Font in Fire HDX
Here is the step by step guide to Change Font Size On Kindle. By following these simple steps you can easily change the font size. Same steps might also be available in Kindle Help files.

So here we go,

  1. While reading anything, you need to tap or touch the center of the screen, after tapping on the center of the screen you will see the reading toolbar.
  2. From the reading toolbar chose Aa, this option is for font formatting.
  3. Now we have to change the size of the font so you need to tap on + Sign. After tapping on the plus sign, the font size will increase. So according to your need you can increase the font size in Kindle Fire HDX. You can also decrease the font size by tapping on the minus.
  4. You can also change the font family, by clicking on the font family name like Arial.

Change Font Size On Kindle

Note: You cannot change the font appearance in some PDF.

So, now you have successfully increased the font size in the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. In Addition, I have also shared to change the font family.

Wrapped Up
I have shared a guide on how to increase font size in Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. Hope you have learned to increase font size.