How to Fix Norton Live Update Not Working Problem

You are using Norton Antivirus but your virus protection definition is not latest, it is outdated and you want to update Norton antivirus or any other Norton product. Norton has provided a functionality to update Norton products that is called “Norton Live Update”. But when you are going to update Norton Antivirus then you are facing Norton live update problem and Norton live update not working. The first thing that will come in your mind is to contact Norton Support to get the things resolved. Now you are on this post, so do not take tension because here in this post we have guided and provided you the methods to overcome from the Norton live update problem.

Why Norton Live Update Not Working?
For resolving any problem & issue you must have knowledge about the reason of the problem.

So the reason of Norton live update is not working may be

It may occur when you are running Norton Live update manually

The functionality of the Norton live update is to update the antivirus to the latest version automatically. So there is no need to take any manual action on Norton live update.

How to fix Norton Internet Security Live Update Not Working?
To overcome from the Norton live update problem, here we have provided some methods to follow as described on Norton Technical Support portal. So by following these methods you will be able to fix Norton live update problem and your Norton live update will start working if Norton Live Update Failed to Complete every time.

norton live update not working

Method 1: Check the System Time & Date
First of all, you need to check the time and date your computer system. The time and date may be the reason of this Norton 360 Live Update Not Working problem. So it is recommended to check and fix time and date of your system before moving to further methods.

Method 2: Virus Definition Date
You also need to check the virus definition date, when your update is scheduled. For doing this follow the steps

  • Start your Norton Antivirus or any Norton product.
  • At the main screen, under the “you are protected” section, check for the next update date.
  • If the update date is very less (less than 24 hours) than wait for the update. If update date is more than 24 hours then move to the further method.

Method 3: Use Intelligent Updater
In this method, you need to update the virus definition, but not with live update, you can use intelligent updater for it or you can dial Norton Antivirus Support if you want.

How to use intelligent updater?

  1. Download Norton Intelligent Updater from the official Norton website.
  2. After downloading the above file, double click on that and run it.
  3. Your Norton live update problem will be resolved now.

If again you are getting Norton Live Update Not Working Error, then it is recommended that wait for 24 hours. It will start automatically updating, if not you need to find Norton Tech Support so that the certified technician can guide you step by step.

Hope you problem of Norton live update has been resolved. If not then get in touch with Norton for professional service and assistance.