How to Fix Norton 8504 Error Message

norton-avYou have downloaded Norton on your computer system, or you have already installed on your computer system. But you are getting Norton 8504 error message and you are unable to install or upgrade your Norton Antivirus. If you do not know how to fix Norton 8504 error then I am going to share a complete guide to how to fix Norton 8504 Error by Norton Support. By following this simple step-by-step guide to fixing Norton 8504 Error, you can simply fix up your Norton Antivirus.

Reason of Norton 8504 Error Message

The Norton 8504 error occur by following two reason

  • Failed to install Norton Antivirus during installation or upgrade to its newer version.
  • Second reason, if there is any other security software or Antivirus installed in the computer system then you can face this error.

How to Fix Norton 8504 Error?

Method 1: Run Norton Removal Tool
If you have already installed any Norton product then you need to run Norton removal tool or contact Norton Antivirus Support for professional assistance.

  1. Download Norton Removal tool from Norton website.
  2. From downloads folder double click on downloaded file.
  3. Accept the license & Terms and conditions.
  4. Click on Advance option>> Choose Remove Only.
  5. Now click remove and restart the computer system.

Norton 8504 Error

Method 2: Remove any security Tools
If your issue is not resolve in above method then try out method 2 to resolve Norton 8504 error. In the third method, I will teach you to remove non-Symantec security tool which you have installed already. Norton Technical Support is also there for your help. Follow the steps

  1. Open Run in your windows operating system. Simply you can open by clicking CTRL+R.
  2. In input box type appwiz.cpl then click on OK. (Alternatively, you can do this by following Control Panel > Programs)
  3. The installed programs in your computer system will show up in next screen.
  4. Now you have to choose manually that which security tool or antivirus you have already installed in your computer system.
  5. Then click on that program and uninstall that program.
  6. Done, now try to install your Norton product or upgrade your Norton Antivirus your error will be resolved.

Method 3: Update your PC device Drivers
Again, if your Norton 8504 error is not resolved then you need to follow the third method to fix Norton 8504 error messages. You might be thinking to call Norton Support Number but wait in this step, I will teach you to update your device driver. Especially you need to update your graphics drivers. Follow the steps

  1. Open device manager. You can open by right click on My Computer>>Manage>>Device Manager.
  2. Now you have to click on Display Adapters.
  3. Now right click on the video graphic card (Eg. AMD etc.)
  4. Then click on update driver software.
  5. I hope by following above all the methods you have successfully resolved and fixed the Norton 8504 error.

Here in this post, I have shared 3 methods to how to fix Norton 8504 error message. By following all these methods you can easily resolve your Norton error.

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