How to Fix If McAfee Real Time Scanning is not Turning on?

McAfee Real Time Scan Off

McAfee is a well known name in the Antivirus software industry. It also one of the top rated antivirus software in the world for residential users as well as business users. Although it is robust pc security software still it has some technical glitches. There are times when you might face few technical difficulties. What to do if McAfee real time scanning is not turning on, the following process is the best to fix it and get it running on your PCs without losing any file.

  • First thing to do is to remove McAfee Software installed before, following the same steps in which you removed that ‘Piece of Crap’ you had installed/Restart.  Hopefully it will not cause any issues with your registry.
  • Download and (Save) the MCPR Tool. Run the MCPR Tool and after all remnants of McAfee has been removed, Restart. Then go to your McAfee Account and install your software.
  • Suppose you have any difficulty in locating the ‘MCPR Tool’, follow this step: Click on Start > Computer > Look to the left and click on Downloads, locate the file, open and run. Or better still, click on Start > Type in MCPR, and once the program pops up, click open and run.

If you successfully uninstalled McAfee but in regards to the reinstall, it is telling you that “Your McAfee software download cannot continue because the McAfee download server is unavailable.”

McAfee Real Time Scanning

Don’t be panic it could very well be due to the server. However, after another attempt on it, you contact the McAfee Technical Support for assistance since you have removed all the ‘Nasties’, if needed, ask your service request to be escalated. It would not be a bad idea later on to also run a Windows ‘Disk Check’

Follow the below steps to ensure that other anti-virus software is deleted on your PCs so as make McAfee anti-virus product works perfectly on your PCs.

  • Check and delete if you find any other antivirus software installed in add/remove programs and C:/program files and common files.
  • Click start – run then type services.msc, check whether the start up type for all the McAfee programs are in started and automatic in the window that opens up. But if not click on the particular service and change it to “Automatic”.
  • Click on the recovery tab (at the top) and select all three failures to be Restart the service.
  • Click on OK

Close all open programs and restart the computer and then try to update McAfee.

With above steps and processes once the McAfee software is reinstalled on your PC, it will work perfectly and real time scanning will be on once you on it for scanning your PC.

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