How To Fix McAfee Auto Maintenance Task Agent Error

mcafee-offMcAfee Antivirus software has become the favorite of many computer or PC users due to a number of distinct features that very few of the antivirus software possess. McAfee Auto Maintenance Task Agent is one such feature which is provide by McAfee Support and is one of the most revered USPs that has increased its reach.

If you are working on a Windows 8 operating system, you must have noticed that McAfee maintenance jobs start all of a sudden. When you are running a multiplayer game, watching a HD movie or running other tasks, they require a lot of processing power and a lot of system resources. You may notice that with time, things start slowing down your computer. These things are common when you are using a mid-end system. On this light, a McAfee Auto Maintenance Task Agent is required to keep the system optimized and this is achieved by certain task agents that form the tool of these processes. They have been designed to address several issues of maintenance related tasks that users generally face. The goal of this feature why it has been integrated into the McAfee Customer Support software is to combine all maintenance related tasks like checking for Windows updates, running disk defrag or performing McAfee Antivirus scans together into one program that would be taken care of by the task agents.

These tasks are scheduled at a definite time and the maintenance is generally performed when the computer is idle. But sometimes, it so happens that even after turning it on, the McAfee Auto Maintenance Task Agent doesn’t work. It so happens that when you attempt to push the McAfee Agent using the Push Agent or the Deploy McAfee Technical Support Agent, it is unable to connect to the system but it does not expire and continues to run indefinitely. In some cases, it may also happen that while attempting to send an agent-wake-up call to a client computer, though there would be no connection to the computer, the task would not expire and would continue to run indefinitely as in the above case. These are some of the McAfee auto maintenance task agent error which needs to be resolved to ensure smooth running of the McAfee Antivirus on the system.

McAfee Auto Maintenance Task Agent

The bug check failure on startup can occur in case of systems that have non-uniform memory access processors and can be resolved by the McAfee agent 5.0.3. Likewise, the task agents of McAfee may fail to detect the network on embedded operating systems and hence agent to server communication and product deployment also fails. This issue can be resolved by using the McAfee System Event Notification service to detect whether the network is down or by calling McAfee Support Phone Number for diagnosis. This may happen if the Null Device Driver is missing and as a result the McAfee Antivirus task agent may fail to perform due to the missing of this driver.

There can be numerous issues related to automatic maintenance. But what you need to be aware is to keep the other criteria updated so that troubleshooting of the task agent errors become easier.

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